How to Take Care of a Car Engine You Can Do Your Own

How to treat a car engine is easy. Caring for car engines must be done routinely and periodically. Because according to research, it turns out there is liquid in the car that must always be checked. As a driver, of course, you want your car to be durable and can be used for a long time. That is to ensure that the car is always of high value and comfortable to drive. So car users must know how to take care of car engines. Also, maintenance must be done routinely, both personally or with regular service to the official workshop. So what kind of way to take care of car engines that you have to do? You do not need to be confused and worried. Because this treatment can be done on your own at home using the following guidelines.

Guide to Caring for Car Engines

The engine becomes the main component of a car. With so caring for the engine must be an obligation for car owners. Engine maintenance is the same as extending the life of the car. For that, you should be able to learn how to care for car engines so that your favorite vehicles are well maintained. That way, you can do it in the following way.

Periodically change oil

One of the most important car maintenance is changing the oil regularly. Oil changes are normally done with a distance of 3000 to 5000 km. This depends on the type of oil used and its use also affects the condition of the car’s engine. Oil changes are very important, especially if the car is often used continuously. As for car rental or something else. The function of oil is to resist friction when the car’s engine is working. Quality oil can maintain the condition of the car is always stable and optimal.

Car Battery Care

An important component in a vehicle is the battery. Therefore, the way to care for a car engine that must be done is to maintain the battery so that it is durable and long-lasting. The method is very easy, you can make sure the battery water is in the level it should be, ie between the boundary markers. Also, you can check the battery by measuring the battery voltage via a voltmeter.

Cable and Lamp Inspection

In how to care for a good car engine, you are not fixated on engine components alone. But it must also check the wires and lights of the car regularly. Occasionally you will find a cable that is loose or disconnected. Or the headlights will start to dim. That is so that no problems make sure all the cables and car lights are always in normal conditions.

Make sure Clutch is Normal

This one tip applies if the condition of your car is a manual transmission. When the clutch is worn out, gearshift can get heavier and this will interfere with driving comfort. Gearshift that is difficult to move is one indication that the clutch is starting to wear out.

Full Fill Fuel

The next way to care for a car engine is to refuel it fully. The habit of not filling up a fuel can make dirt and crust stick to the top of the fuel tank. So, it never hurts to fill your fuel tank is always full. This is so that the condition of the top is clean and free of dust and dirt. When crust in the fuel tank is carried into the combustion canal can be very dangerous. It is also recommended that you use the appropriate fuel recommendation. Generally, factories recommend high-octane, lead-free fuels. Fuel with lead content can make blockages occur and your car’s engine will fail.

Routinely Tune-Up

Tune-up regularly at the car repair shop is one of the most important things in how to care for a car engine. However, for this one, you cannot do it alone. You should ask for a repair shop mechanic. Tune-up can make a car engine always durable and work optimally. When the tune-up process, vital components in the engine of the car are thoroughly inspected. When damage or problems occur, the repair shop will fix your car’s problems.

Check Car Starter

Check the car starter seems to enter the most important thing in how to care for a good car engine. By checking the starter, you will know the condition of the car’s engine. If the engine is difficult to start, there is a possibility of damage to the starter. This could be due to the reduced supply of fuel or air in the car. Therefore, you can try checking the filter. You do this by pulling out the filter and then cleaning it using a toothbrush or brush. That is one way to care for car engines that you can do. But if the engine is still difficult to start, then the only way is to take your car to the nearest garage.