What Firms Are In The Automotive Sector?

U.S. new car gross sales of 1,509,963 models for the month of June represented a decline of four.7{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} from May and a 2.8{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} decline from June 2018. July’s passenger automotive sales fell 9.2{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 398,546 units, whereas SUV and truck gross sales increased 6.5{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 997,270 items. U.S. new vehicle sales of 1,395,816 items for the month of July represented an increase of 7.7{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} from June and a 1.5{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} enhance from July 2018. August’s passenger automobile sales fell 1.three{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 453,250 models, whereas SUV and truck gross sales elevated 16.4{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 1,196,419 items. U.S. new car gross sales of 1,649,669 items for the month of August represented a rise of 10.9{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} increase from August 2018.

Cox Automotive December Forecast: Gross Sales Pace Continues To Gradual As ..

September’s passenger automotive gross sales fell 19.7{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 353,987 units, whereas SUV and truck sales decreased 7.3{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 918,739 models. U.S. new automobile sales of 1,272,726 items for the month of September represented a 11.1{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} decrease from September 2018.

April’s passenger automotive sales fell 7.1{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 409,134 items, while SUV and truck sales elevated zero.9{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 922,537 items. With one further promoting day compared to the same month in 2018, U.S. new vehicle sales of 1,331,671 models for the month of April represented a lower of 1.7{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} from April 2018, and a decrease of 17.2{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} from March 2019. May’s passenger automotive gross sales fell 10.four{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 474,138 units, whereas SUV and truck gross sales elevated{384906b281b8d30bb158cd40894dadfc6fdd0309999ad25c2d6a0a45dba38b3d} to 1,116,079 items.

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