4 This Could Be the Cause of to the Car Strike

4 This Could Be the Cause of to the Car Strike

A car breaking down can be troublesome, especially when the roads are jammed when they are on the job and are being chased by jobs. Strikes can be caused by engine problems, stagnant electricity to trivial problems, namely clogged fuel lines. So it’s good to take care of the fuel lines that can be the source of the car breaking down.

1. The gas tank is rusted

Tanks that are more than 10 years old are prone to rust disease. The sign, the remaining gasoline at the bottom of the tank is yellowish and the filter is easily clogged with the remaining rust. Symptoms that often arise, when the vehicle is in a high speed car, the car’s road becomes unstable or choked up. The fix is ​​by washing the tank with gasoline and not using water, because it will actually increase corrosion.

2. Fuel filter clogged

The cause of clogging of the fuel filter is due to the presence of dirt in the form of water, rust, or mud, even because the fuel is of poor quality. Symptoms, when the car is started, the engine starts up, but as soon as you step on the gas pedal, the engine immediately stops or the engine stagnates at high speed.
The fix is ​​to clean the air filter or immediately replace it with a new filter, if the condition is not suitable for use.

3. The fuel pump is malfunctioning

The problem is that the membrane in the fuel pump is … Read More

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Shine The Vehicle Without Damaging The Car Paint

Shine The Vehicle Without Damaging The Car Paint

1. Don’t Use Compound

To make your car paint shiny again, it is highly recommended not to use compound as routine maintenance. The use of compound can make your car paint slowly erode so that the color of the car can fade. The compound works as a polishing drug that is used by rubbing it into the car body. This can indeed polish your car because the dull surface of the car can be eroded. However, this will actually make the car paint can be eroded.

2. Use Wax

If you want to make the car shiny without the need to erode the surface of the paint, you can use wax because it feels safer. This is because wax has wax-like properties. Here are the steps for using wax in your car.

1. Make sure you put your vehicle in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Wash your car body thoroughly. No need to use car shampoo if your vehicle is not too dirty. However, if the condition of your car is full of mud and stains, then you can use car shampoo so that your car body is really in a clean condition.
3. After that, dry the car using a chamois cloth. Then you can start polishing.
4. But if your car’s paint is still in good shape, you can skip the polish and go straight to the waxing process.
5. Get the wax, polish, sponge, and clean soft cloth or microfiber.
6. Apply … Read More

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