The inventor of the 4 stroke Motorbike Engine that you use until now

The inventor of the 4 stroke Motorbike Engine that you use until now

Before the 4 stroke engine was created, first the motorbike engine used 2-stroke engine technology, which sounded very noisy and wasteful of oil, after the 2-stroke era, do you know who created the 4-stroke engine, aka the previous generation’s 2-stroke refinement engine? why is it possible that the 4 stroke engine which until now has been widely used by motorbikes?
The inventor of this internal combustion engine was born on June 14, 1832 in Holzhausen (Germany) named Nicolaus August Otto, more The invention of the 4-stroke engine by otto is based on the invention of the 2-stroke engine that uses natural gas invented by Etiene Lenoir.

This made Otto think that if only he used liquid fuel, the 2-stroke engine would be easy to operate. So Otto made a design for the carburetor and patented it, but the design was rejected by the patent agency, because there was a similar tool that had been designed by someone else. Before discussing further about Otto, we will discuss a little about Otto’s life journey.

Initially otto worked as a salesman selling tea, sugar and coffee, then quit in 1864. Otto was more concerned with his invention, so he began to dream and founded the Engine Manufacturing Company NA & Otto, which was the first company or factory to produce internal combustion engines in German. Otto continued to pursue and perfect Entiene Lenoir’s discoveries. By 1862, Otto had made a new engine model that worked on the basis of four thrusts and had … Read More

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