How to take care of vehicles that are rarely used

How to take care of vehicles that are rarely used

Not all car owners use their vehicles every day. Various reasons such as traffic jams, frequent trips out of town, or getting an official car can be the cause. Whatever it is, please note that cars that are rarely used actually need special care so they don’t get abandoned and can’t be driven when needed. Here are some tips for caring for and maintaining the performance of cars that are rarely used:

  1. Before leaving or letting the car park for a sufficiently long period of time, clean it thoroughly. Starting with cleaning the outside (exterior) which aims to protect the paint from various dirt and prevent rust. Then what is not less important is cleaning the inside (interior), it can be done using a vacuum cleaner and a clean cloth.
  2. To neutralize the musty smell that can arise as a result of having the car closed for a long time, leave the car deodorizer in it.
  3. Cover the car with a special cover to prevent dust and other debris from accumulating.
  4. Although not every day, the process of heating the machine should be done regularly. The goal is to recharge the stun to the battery and dry the condensed water.
    If you plan to stay away from using the car for more than two weeks:
  5. Park the car in a closed room such as a garage, to protect car paint from rain and scorching heat and prevent crime.
  6. Disconnect the battery cable to prevent damage to the battery. When unplugging,
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