Understanding Machines, Machine Arrangements and Machine Components

Understanding Machine

A machine is a mechanical or electrical device that functions to produce, transmit and convert energy to help human tasks. Machines usually require input as a trigger to produce a power / output that can be utilized by humans, whose capacity may have been set before human use.

Currently there are so many machines in the world that are used by humans, but this time I want to discuss one of the machines that is often used by humans, namely the car engine.

Main Components of the Machine

• Cylinder block, cylinder head
• Piston, connecting rod (handlebar piston)
• Crank Shaft (crankshaft), Fly wheel
• Cam shaft, valve mechanism
Additional Devices
• Lubrication System (Lubrication System)
• Cooling System (Cooling System)
• Fuel System (Fuel System)
• Fuel Intake and Exhaust System (Intake and Exhaust System)
• Electrical System (Elextrical System)
• Exhaust Gas Control System (Emission control system)

Machine Component Arrangement

1. Cyinder head
2. Rocker arm
3. Valve (valve)
4.Spring valve (Valve Spring)
5. Cam Shaft
6. Pulley
7. Push rod (if not an OHV type vehicle)
8. Cylinder block
9. Piston
10. Piston rings
11. Handlebar piston (Connecting rod)
12. Crankshaft
13. Fly wheel
14. Carter
15. Oil pump
16. Oil jet
17. Oil filter (Oil filter)
18. Oil cooler
19. Main Bearing
20. Bearing handlebar piston (Connecting rod bearing)
21. Timing Belt

This an explanation of the understanding of machines, engine arrangement and engine components, maybe the article above is still far from perfect. Therefore, I am very grateful to visitors who are willing to provide criticism and suggestions so that the article can be even better.