Tips on Caring for Cars For High Selling Prices

Caring for a car not only provides comfort, safety and extends the life of a vehicle for its owner, but can keep the resale price stable.

Keep the liquid

The function of the car is related to the performance of several types of fluids, ranging from radiator or coolant water that functions as engine coolants, lubricants in power steering, and brake fluid that functions as a hydraulic system during the braking process. Take the time to check the liquids, especially the radiator water or coolant which is often reduced in the radiator chamber. Make sure your car uses the recommended coolant, because it can maintain the temperature of the combustion chamber.

Machine oil

Engine oil is an important element of a car that works to reduce friction between components, cool the engine, vibration dampers, dirt cleaners, to rust in the engine. However, engine oil which is working hard continuously will experience a decrease in power usage, so users must change engine oil at least every 5,000 km so that engine performance remains optimal.

Routine Service

When the car is often used, then you should bring the vehicle to a garage or a mainstay mechanic once every 10,000 km in order to handle all problems with the car.

Accu condition

The battery is one of the sources of electricity that is fully functional in the vehicle, starting from starting the car, lighting, cooling, entertainment to alarms when the car is left by the owner. For this reason, users must check by making sure the battery water is always at the level it should be, ie between the boundary markers. In addition, checking can also be done by looking at the battery voltage using a voltmeter.

Prevent Rust

Rust on the car will affect the selling price, for that you must be diligent in cleaning the vehicle with a simple way, wash thoroughly. Wash the car at least once a week after use. Clean up to the narrow corners of the car to avoid rust on some car components. If the car you sell is still good, smooth and well-maintained, the price can even go up to 5 percent from the average initial estimated price, while a blistered car can reduce prices by 5-10 percent.

Cars that have experienced a collision, usually have to give up prices down to 15 percent of the estimated price, while cars that have been flooded, can go down by up to 15-20 percent. Routine maintenance will keep the car in top condition even though it has provided maximum benefits for the first user. On the Carsome platform, during the transparent bidding process by dealers it is proven that used cars are well maintained, getting more offers from dealers car sellers can directly monitor the transparent bidding process and choose the most profitable deal for them