Most Important Car Safety Features

The more congested traffic from the increase in the number of motorized vehicles, increases the risk of driving. In addition, the character of the driver is generally minimal concern about driving safety, especially in Indonesia. Life is at stake. Even though we are careful and alert, at the same time other drivers can act recklessly. Departing from this, the car is now equipped with many sophisticated car safety features. Many car manufacturers are starting to realize that car safety features are a must, not an option. The changes are very significant, especially when compared to the era two decades ago. At that time, not many car models were equipped with airbags or ABS brakes. Now, almost all of them exist, although there are still some models or variants that don’t have them. When you want to buy a car, you will definitely consider several things, namely in terms of the type of car to be used, the car brand, attractive design, engine performance, or safety and comfort. But from all these aspects, did you know that the completeness of the car’s safety features is the first aspect that you should consider.

Mandatory Car Safety Features

When talking about buying a new car, of course, the car’s safety features can certainly be sophisticated and complete. But does this apply when you buy a used car? Departing from that, this time we will discuss what car safety features should be considered when you want to buy a used car.

Seat Belt with Pretensioner and Load Limiter

The most important and must-have car safety feature in every new or used car is the seat belt. Surely you are wondering why not airbags should be used as the first benchmark in a car. Because the seat belt will hold your body to stay in the seat and not be thrown when an accident occurs. Therefore it is very important to always use a seat belt when driving. In addition, the safety features of the car seat belt are also equipped with a pretensioner and load limiter system. Pre-tensioner, tighten the belt to hold the body tighter when there is a jerk due to impact. While the load-limiter works in reverse.


Car safety features Airbags or airbags really help save lives when a collision occurs. Because it functions as a protector of the human body so that it does not collide with car parts. Now, almost all cars have airbags provided. At least two pieces, for the driver and front passenger. But there are still manufacturers who only provide one for the reason of price. The more, the safer. Like the latest Toyota Rush, Yaris and Vios with a total of 7 airbags.

Car safety features Anti-lock Braking System

As important as airbags, the safety features of ABS cars are now almost entirely embedded in the latest cars. However, there are still several car models in Indonesia that have not completed it. The safety features of an ABS car are very important when you do sudden braking. In a car that does not use ABS, it is likely that the wheels will lock and the car will slip suddenly. Unlike cars that use the ABS system, this system will prevent the wheels from locking even if you do sudden braking, even in rainy and slippery road conditions the ABS system will help the car not slip.

Car safety features for Stability and Traction Control

Often accidents occur due to cars that cannot be controlled while traveling at high speed. The causes can be various, such as slippery roads, sudden maneuvers, cornering too fast and so on. The existence of sophisticated car safety features to control stability and traction (ESC, VSC or TC) can prevent the car from turning due to that cause. The system intervenes in the brakes and gas to slow down the car for easy control. Almost all cars have this technology embedded.

Daytime Running Light

The results of the study prove that the main lights that turn on during the day can be used as a car safety feature to reduce the risk of accidents. Because it affects the visibility of other drivers, so pay more attention if a car is running. So that the manufacturer created the daytime running light. The point is not to illuminate the front area of ​​the vehicle, but to increase the attention of other car drivers. Usually also, use LED lights that are bright but energy efficient. Hopefully LED, this new car safety feature can reduce the rate of accidents on the road, my friend!

Car safety features Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Along with technological developments, car safety features are also developing increasingly sophisticated. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a system that monitors tire pressure. The existence of this tire pressure monitor is very helpful if you are lazy to check your tire wind regularly. Of course, it makes it easier to monitor and detect a leaky tire.

Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror car safety features

This feature is still rarely available on cars worth IDR 300 million and below. Even though its function can be categorized as a sophisticated car safety feature, you know. One of the disturbances that can cause accidents is the use of high beam (dim) lamps that are not suitable for their intended use. Many drivers go around without understanding that turning on the high beam will actually dazzle the driver in front of them through the rearview mirror. The point is not clear, whether to code or to add visibility. Due to the light that is too glare that is reflected through the rearview mirror, it can destroy concentration and vision.

Cameras and Parking Sensors

Who would have thought that parking sensors and cameras were one of the must-have car safety features in cars today. This feature helps with parking the vehicle. Moreover, a camera is added to monitor the rear area. Drivers no longer need to bother calculating the distance so that they have to turn their eyes to various angles. Just monitor the sensor while paying attention to the monitor on the dashboard. The two features are more of a safety device for people around the car, so you can detect early whether there are objects blocking or not. So how about friends, does the car you have already have car safety features like the one above or not? If not, for safety and convenience it is better to replace or add the above features.