Modified Vehicle Exhaust

One part of car modification that is definitely done especially among young people is the exhaust part. By modifying the car in the exhaust can produce a more manly sound, look cool and the engine feels lighter. To get this performance, automotive enthusiasts usually replace it with a racing exhaust type. But did you know, the difference between racing exhausts and standards? If you question the difference it will certainly be seen clearly, such as in terms of form has also been seen. In addition, each muffler both standard and racing exhausts have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Racing exhaust has a fierce sound, you could say noisy. But for the sake of boosting the performance of the car more optimally and the pull of the engine so lightly, the modifiers are willing to spend no small amount. Call it the exhaust brands that are sure to boost the performance of your car like Akrapovic, Armytrix, HKS, Mugen and many others. Unlike the standard muffler where the sound produced is not noisy, environmentally friendly but there is no impression of racing.


It is certain that replacing the racing exhaust causes bad effects around us namely noise pollution. In addition, the cost that must be paid is not small. Some cases say that when replacing the racing exhaust, the fuel consumption of the car becomes wasteful alias. However, the choice is yours, whether you want to replace it with racing exhaust or still maintain a standard muffler. If you are determined to modify the exhaust, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

The first thing to do is pay attention to the condition of the exhaust gases in the car. Also pay attention to the structure if you want a better engine performance. Consult the mechanics where you modify the car, because you have to remember, modifying the muffler can have a positive or negative impact on engine performance. There are four parts to the muffler that you need to consider when modifying this section.

Muffler Header

The first structure that must be checked is the exhaust header. In general, modifiers who want more fierce sound with good performance will consider this. Because the selection of the right header model can produce excellent performance both on the pull and on the bottom. That’s why make sure you choose a model that fits your driving style.


After the header there is another part, the resonator. Its function is to reduce the sound produced. Although only useful as a damper, but if the dimensions are not right it can result in decreased performance and wasteful of fuel. Therefore choose a resonator that can drain air properly. The air discharge is generated by CFM and flows through the resonator. So you need to take into account the problem of estimating the air flow generated by the engine.

Exhaust pipe

When modifying a car with a racing model, the exhaust pipe must also be replaced. Because this is indeed a procedure so that it can produce maximum performance. But in the selection of the exhaust pipe should not be careless, make sure the quality you choose is the best and there is no excess material on the inside of the exhaust pipe. For the best conditions usually have curves and round shapes that look perfect. If the quality is not good and there is excess material, the flue gas that passes through the pipe is slightly obstructed by the material, so the resulting performance is less than the maximum.


Actually, if you just want a fierce sound can be done by replacing just one part, the muffler. Maybe you will ask, what is a muffler? Mufflers are often called exhausts. Its real function is to drown out the sound produced by the rest of the exhaust gases. But by making changes to this section, can produce a variety of distinctive sounds. So many people want differences in sound with other vehicles. Muffler models are very diverse, so when you want to replace the car exhaust should be adjusted to the character of your vehicle. Keep in mind, if the diameter of the exhaust mouth is getting bigger, the resulting sound will be lower (bass).

It would be nice if you consult the muffler by asking for a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of modifying the muffler when using the size and type of each muffler. Also ask, the header, resonator, until the muffler is ideal and matches the car you have and compare it yourself.

Don’t forget when you want to modify the muffler, good material is made of stainless steel so it is not easy to rust and is durable. If outside the material, just be prepared to replace or patch it because the material is not strong enough to withstand heat or impact.