Easy tricks to check the condition of a good used car engine

Buying a used car there are some things that you must pay attention to and may not be origin. Starting from the body, the completeness of the document, the interior is the part that needs to be checked. The main and very important part is the engine. In general, the concern of ordinary people who want to buy a used car is that they lack understanding about car engines. When buying a used car in a showroom, many people also only emphasize the appearance of a neat and shiny, even though the condition of the engine is one of the most important things to consider when buying a used car. Then how do you know the condition of a used car engine? According to OtoSpector, an independent platform for used car inspection services, there are eight ways to check used car engines.

Machine room

Open the hood and check around the engine room if there is paint that looks relatively new compared to the others, there will be seen later if the engine room has been painted. The engine room that has been painted is an indication that the engine has been lowered. The reason can be various kinds, such as because of a collision or because the car was hit by flooding and so on.

Machine Condition

Make sure there are no oil or fuel leaks, and also pay attention to the engine’s physical condition. A car that is maintained is a car that is free from leaks in the engine or hoses.

How to find out quite easily, observe one by one car engine parts and make sure there is no oil seepage or other liquids. Also pay attention to bolts and nuts. If there are new bolts or bolts with defective edges, ask the trader or owner who sold them. Usually naughty traders will try to cover up this damage by washing the car engine so that it is not visible if there is oil that seeps.

Car Starter

Make sure the sound of the car’s engine is still smooth and constant when the engine is stationary or when turned on without the beat of the gas and the audio device and the AC are deactivated.  Cars that are healthy or well maintained when starting up from a cold state of constant constant ignition and do not falter. If it is stuck, it is possible that the car battery is problematic or the car is rarely serviced regularly so that there is dirt that clogs engine performance

Indicator and Speedometer

When starting the engine, pay attention to whether each indicator light is on. Many indicator lights for the engine condition on the dashboard such as oil and temperature, make sure nothing is lit. Try the gas slowly, then release and notice the RPM needle drops. Make sure the RPM needle is steady up and down. If it is unstable, it means the engine has a problem.

Engine Sound

Pay attention to the engine sound when the engine is first started from the cold engine state. Listen for unnatural noise coming out of the engine. Examples of sounds that can be categorized as unnatural are: the sound of scraping iron plates, the sound of knocks from inside the engine when gassed.

Vibration on the Machine

Open the hood, pay attention to whether there are unnatural vibrations or not in rhythm. If so, the engine can be said to be “limping”, which can occur because of problems with the engine mounting or also the electrical system that is stuck.

Exhaust Gas

Look at the tip of the muffler, pay attention to what car exhaust gas is unnatural out of the exhaust. Signs or the results of combustion in the engine that is on the exhaust tip gives a fairly accurate clue about the condition of the car. Example:

Black exhaust pipe

White exhaust pipe – Indications that there is an oil mixture in the engine combustion chamber. Water droplets on the exhaust is a natural thing and is a sign that the engine is still good.

Test drive

It is recommended not to rush when doing a test drive, many problems occur when the engine is overheated and is used for longer trips. At the time of the test drive things that must be considered include engine performance, transmission shift comfort and brake performance.

Full Inspection Before Buying a Car

In addition to checking and ensuring the condition of the engine, you also need to ensure other car parts such as the body, interior and legs. You certainly don’t want to buy a car with a good engine, but when it rains, water seeps through the window because the glass has been replaced due to a collision car.

 To ensure the overall condition of the car, OtoSpector provides a used car inspection service that covers all car components. So you don’t need to bother and can get a really high quality car.