Caring Tips For Car Rental Owners

Car rental owners will certainly always take good care of their cars by following Car Care Tips in the right way. To run a car rental business certainly must care for the car you have. What should be considered? Car components must be inspected and how to repair the damage caused to the car. Regular car maintenance will minimize damage to the car, extend the life of the car, prevent damage to the car more severe, and save on car maintenance costs. For example for car tire care. Examination of the correct tire pressure makes the car tires more durable, the legs of the car are more durable, a good steering system, good acceleration, and strong tire traction. If you do not perform routine maintenance of car tires, what will happen is the tires are easily exhausted and bald, the legs of the car wear out quickly, and the engine work gets heavier.

Care of the battery

Car battery maintenance is done routinely and what must be considered is as follows:

1. Height of the battery water: Make sure the battery water is at the level it should be and following the specified line mark. Avoid lack of water and if a shortage is added the volume of battery water to the recommended level and uses pure water (distilled) or battery water.

2. Battery Voltage: make sure the battery voltage is around 12 volts to check it can use a voltmeter

3. Polar cleanliness: poles – negative or positive poles in the battery are often dirty due to chemical reactions, tips are always routinely clean if it looks dirty so that the electric current is distributed smoothly and not faltered.

Oil Engine Maintenance

Tips on caring for the car engine next is oil maintenance. Car oil has certain usage limits, every few kilometers the oil must be replaced. Engine oil can last up to 5 thousand to 10 thousand kilometers depending on the use of the distance. If the old oil is not replaced, the dirt will settle in the engine oil and not lubricate the engine optimally, besides that the amount of oil must also be checked so that the engine does not lack oil.

Some indications that oil must be replaced are:

1. Kilometers indicate 5 thousand kilometers to 10 thousand kilometers

2. Can check by pulling out the oil stick, making sure the oil volume matches the recommended level

3. Try to drop oil on the fingers, feel if the oil is still clean or dirty it will usually feel fine metal flakes if you feel fine flakes, the oil must be replaced.

Radiator Care

Caring for the radiator is quite important because it functions as an engine cooler in the car. The amount of water in the radiator determines how well the radiator can cool the engine if the radiator water is less, it causes less engine cooling and the engine gets hot so the performance decreases (even the engine stagnates due to excessive heat). If you are going to travel, check that the water is not full enough. Making sure the radiator water is always full using clean, clear water if using dirty water can cause scale on the engine.

Tire Care

Caring for car tires to note is the wind pressure on the tires and after that the right car legs. A well-maintained tire makes the tire durable and if it is treated the tire will become damaged or bare.

Care of lights

The lamp is a lighting device that is used to illuminate at night. By checking all the lights starting from the headlamp, turn signal, brake lights. Using a quality lamp can make the lamp more durable. It is better to avoid using halogen lamps because it absorbs more electricity making the battery run out quickly. It should also be noted that there should be no lights that always absorb power from the battery causing the lamp to continue to absorb the battery so that the battery runs out quickly.

Car Wiper Care

Done periodically in replacing the wiper rubber on the car, usually, the age of the wiper car is around 6 months. Once every 6 months when the rainy season arrives, you can replace the wipers on the car. If the wiper rubber is rarely replaced, the windshield will become beret. And be sure to also check the nozzle (spray) used to wet the glass before the wiper is operated by checking the quality of the washer water and if it is replaced dirty. If there is a blockage in the nozzle then remove the dirt that is clogging the nozzle using a toothpick. Very needed if it is the rainy season.

Car Paint Care

When parking a car it is advisable to avoid parking a car that is directly exposed to sunlight because a car that is often exposed to sunlight makes the car paint dull. Therefore, park the car in the shade.

Car Cabin Maintenance

Caring for the car cabin by cleaning the cabin from dirt. Most dirt is under the floor of the car, car seats, and dust attached to the car’s interior. To get rid of odors in cars, it’s better to clean at the source of the odor and use perfume.

Car Glass Care

Washing the car will automatically clean the glass if you want to be cleaner, you can use a glass cleaner so that the windshield looks clear, available at the nearest car repair shop.

Car Seat Care

Car seat cleaning is done regularly about once a month so as not to cause crust and change the color of the seats. cleaning the seat regularly also avoids the smell.

Bring Car Equipment

Equipment that needs to be brought like a bottle jack, tool kit, Because unexpected things can happen such as a leaky tire, this equipment is very helpful.