Beware If Dirt Bike Exhaust Is Smoky

When the engine cylinder has a problem, a leak in the gasket or other internal engine problems that cause incomplete combustion in your dirt bike engine, it can usually be detected through the smoke coming out of the vehicle exhaust. The  trail bike that uses side oil for the engine combustion process does emit smoke from the exhaust, this actually indicates that the engine is working well because the side oil and fuel have been mixed perfectly. But if you are using a 4tak dirt bike and the exhaust emits smoke, then we must be aware of this condition because this could be a sign that there is an incomplete combustion process. Usually there are two types of smoke colors that come out of the exhaust of the trali motorbike if you have a problem, namely black and white smoke.

If your trail bike emits black smoke, this is usually caused by the following, namely,

• Burning material that does not burn completely. To overcome this, simply reset the fuel and air on the motor carburetor or injection system.

• Dirty air filters can cause clogging so that the clean air filtration process is imperfect. If this happens, the air supply to the combustion chamber will decrease and the combustion system does not work properly. The solution is to replace the air filter with a new one

• Poor spark plug conditions can also cause black smoke to come out of your trail bike exhaust. for that use spark plugs that still have good performance. If you already have a long flight time, replace your motor spark plug immediately.

• The combustion chamber is covered with carbon crust. When the combustion of the motor is incomplete, there will be a residual carbon scale. The carbon scale in the combustion chamber causes black smoke to emerge.
Meanwhile, white smoke that comes out of the exhaust of your dirt bike is usually caused by engine oil burning in the engine combustion chamber. There are 4 things that can cause this, namely:

• The condition of the piston rings that are not prime, aka worn will cause the grip on the oil ring to decrease. This causes the oil that sticks to the cylinder wall not to be wiped clean and causes engine oil to seep into the combustion chamber in the engine.

• The valve is hard and torn. This will make the valve stem loose so that engine oil can enter the combustion chamber and cause dense smoke from the exhaust

• Although it is unlikely that a motorbike engine gasket leak may result in excess smoke coming out of your trail bike ..
If you have a problem above then you should immediately bring your dirt bike to the mechanic immediately. Remember this condition will create permanent damage to the dirt bike, especially to the inside of the engine, if you continue to use it.