Aerodynamic Aspects That Affect Car Performance

In the automotive world, wind is one of the obstacles that every car must face. The most aerodynamic cars can beat the wind to run smoothly.The aerodynamic aspect is indeed an important thing for every vehicle. Because the car body that flows with the wind will help support fuel efficiency or reduce exhaust emissions, and make the car able to drive with low power.
As reported by carscoops, it is stated that the aerodynamic system in a vehicle has started sticking since Chrysler introduced the Chrysler Airflow system. At the time of introducing the Tatra T77a, which was estimated to have a value of 0.212 Cd.

Aerodynamics in cars is also known as the Coefficient of Drag (COD), resistance or air resistance when the car is moving. The smaller the COD, the smaller the air resistance. Air resistance in aerodynamics in automotive, can affect vehicle stability, and also the efficiency of fuel oil (BBM) to vehicle performance. In addition to the air resistance factor, there are 4 airflow forces that can be experienced by a moving car. First, the lift or upward lift which is influenced by the influence of speed, fin shape, streamline or aerodynamic design. Second, the down force, which is the downward force on the car. The factors are chassis construction, car design, load placement, additional accessories, tire shape, center of gravity, passenger weight, and spoiler placement.

Furthermore, thirdly, turbulence force, which is the force that occurs at the rear of the car in the form of a gust of wind from the front which forms a wind vortex. Finally, the skin friction or friction forces that arise on the surface outside the vehicle through the air flow. By understanding the aerodynamic aspects, it is also possible to anticipate vehicle owners not to modify or add accessories to the exterior of the car. This can increase the wind resistance coefficient, so that it makes wasteful or even loses its performance.

One of the aerodynamic vehicles is a premium sedan. This sedan is indeed designed aerodynamically so that when driving on the streets it feels even more agile.Even with the frequent traffic jams in the capital’s roads, the All New Honda Accord still prioritizes driving fun and comfort. The new All New Honda Accord comes with a distinctive Honda character with a chrome wing grille along with the Active Grille Shutter and Air Curtain features on the front bumper, as well as a body structure that is designed to be more sloping so as to produce a capable aerodynamic package.

Apart from playing on the aerodynamics aspect, the All New Honda Accord is also supported by the performance of the new 1.5L VTEC Turbo Engine with Earth Dreams Technology with CVT with Earth Dreams Technology, which produces 190 hp and 260 Nm of torque. To add to the sensation of driving, there is also a Sport Mode for more aggressive and stronger performance settings through the Paddle Shift feature for more practical transmission shift control. In addition, there is also an ECON Mode for more efficient driving character settings.