8 Ways to Get Rid of Sleepiness while Driving at Night

Driving a motorized vehicle should be done in a 100 percent conscious state. Not being influenced by alcohol, not even when you’re sleepy. Because, the effect can be dangerous for drivers, passengers, and even other road users. If you are traveling long distances, especially, the driver should not drive constantly. Not only vehicles need to stop, but the body also needs to be rested. Especially driving at night, which is the body’s biological clock to rest. In addition to stopping periodically, to avoid falling asleep while driving or known as microsleep, the driver can do the following:


Drinking coffee

The way to get rid of sleepiness while driving at night is by drinking coffee. The caffeine content in coffee is quite influential when driving. Caffeine is believed to be able to maintain awareness when you drive at night. However, it is better to consume coffee in moderation and not too much.

For some people who regularly consume coffee it is not enough just one cup. However, it is better if you are very tired and lose consciousness while driving, pulling over for a moment to rest is the best way to get rid of sleepiness.

Pull over and sleep for a while

The way to get rid of sleepiness while driving the next one is to pull over and take a short nap. If coffee is deemed incapable of treating your tiredness, it’s better to pull over and take a nap. Especially at night, which is very prone to make your eyes sleepy. If the eye condition is really tired, it is recommended to pull over and sleep for about 15-30 minutes. This is best done to avoid the risk of an accident that can endanger you.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcoholic drinks are one of the factors that must be considered when you are driving. Both types of substances will affect concentration and level of alertness when driving. If you are going to drive, you should avoid taking drugs that have side effects that cause drowsiness. If you have to take certain drugs recommended by a doctor, you should avoid driving to avoid the dangers that can be caused.

Pay attention to food and drink

The way to get rid of sleepiness while driving the next night is to pay attention to what we consume which is quite influential for the driver’s concentration. Avoid foods that contain saturated fat and pay attention to eating portions so that they are not excessive. If you eat food excessively or are full the impact is that you will feel sleepiness very quickly. For the best solution, when hunger starts to approach, you can simply replace it with a snack, fruit or biscuit. For drinks you can consume coffee or minerals.

Always Have Mineral Water

The way to get rid of sleepiness when driving at night the next is to always provide mineral water. Apart from being able to relieve thirst, mineral water can also function to wash your face to reduce drowsiness and fatigue when driving. Especially if you are on a toll road, you don’t need to bother looking for a rest area.

Opening the Window Glass

The way to get rid of drowsiness while driving the next night is by opening your window a little. When driving using an air conditioner will make it easy to feel drowsiness. It is advisable to open the car window. The point is that you can breathe air from outside.

Pay attention to the driving pattern

A person’s limits for driving usually vary, but the normal limit for driving is usually only two and a half hours. If the trip is more than the recommended time, you should take a few breaks. During breaks, you can do stretches or light movements to refresh your body.

Avoid Driving Alone

If you are going to travel a long way, the best thing you can do is ask a friend or relative to accompany you. Chatting together will usually be able to reduce drowsiness while driving can be lost. Better, take a friend or colleague who can take turns, so that when you feel tired, you can take turns driving with your partner.