8 Things You Need To Do When Buying A Used Car Over 10 Years Old

Used cars over the age of 10 years there are still many enthusiasts. Even on the streets of a car that was born more than 10 years ago, it is still milling about freely on the highway. Of course, various reasons they hunt for used cars over 10 years for private vehicles, ranging from falling in love at first sight, until the price tends to be much cheaper. But you must know, if you want a car that is more than a decade old, you must be prepared to do a variety of extra maintenance and repairs that cost is quite enough to drain the bag, especially for some cars from Europe. The reason is, buying a car whose production is older will certainly experience various risks of damage. In fact, it’s not impossible hopes for a tow vehicle because it could strike on the way. Therefore, if you buy a car with age above 10 years, you should pay attention to the following things, among others:

1. Serve or Tune Up the Machine

Servicing is the most important thing, because it really needs to be done both for young and old cars. With service, it reduces the risk of problematic machines like breaking down. Do not forget to change the engine oil with a new and adjusted age of the car and the time for oil change. In addition, check the engine cooling system, which of course there are several factors to be checked such as radiators, thermostats, water pumps to the timing belt. If this section has a problem, there is the potential for engine overheating.

2. Replace Rubber Car Parts

If the age of the car is more than 10 years, it is certain that rubber-based materials will definitely get brittle, starting from window rubber, suspension rubber, belt, to wipers. there is the most important rubber that must be replaced, namely in the bushings. This component is located on the arm that connects the arm to the chassis to avoid friction between metals. If the bushing has problems, it will usually make a squeaky sound. Well, if this part has a problem, it will affect the handling and be uncomfortable.

3. Check the legs

The legs of a used car over the age of 10 years are also very important. Because, for 10 years the legs hold the body of the car which is well when driven or resting in the garage. Well, the legs that must be checked are axle, tie rod and ball joint, suspension or shockbreaker, rims to tires. Usually these parts are not only checked, but need to be replaced because of severe wear if the age is more than 10 years.

4. Check the Iron Material Section

Parts of cars made of iron will usually experience corrosion. Especially if he is old enough, if left unchecked it will be porous so that the shape will be fragile. Parts of this iron material can happen to the body, or other components on the outside or inside the car.

5. Check the Electrical System

In electrical systems, must be checked again starting from the starter to the alternator. Batteries such as the battery must also be checked because this component is a source of electricity whose function is capable of supplying electricity to the starter system, ignition system, lights and other electrical components.

6. Do the Spooring and Balancing

Spooring and Balancing need to be done so that the car is easily controlled and reduces vibrations on the steering wheel that feels winding.

7. AC Check

Air Conditioner (AC) or air conditioning also needs to be checked. Because the possibility of not cold air conditioning is very large, ranging from the problem of freon, condenser, to the evaporator.

8. Lots of faded paint

Used cars do become common when the paint fades, both outside and inside. In addition, the interior or seats can also be cracked or peeling.