7 Tips for Caring for Your Car to Stay Prime Even though It’s Rarely Used Over

Large-scale Social Restrictions restrict community activities outside the home. As a result, vehicles are rarely used. Therefore, Otolovers must do some maintenance to keep the vehicle in top condition. In terms of caring for and maintaining the performance of your vehicle, especially a car, it is quite important to do this. Given the electrical conditions and machines that will stop operating as long as it will last for quite a long time. Tips for caring for the car when aiming so that you avoid problems such as the car running out of power on the battery, or other conditions such as car brakes that become sticky.

Avoid Using Hand Brakes

Tips for caring for the car to stay in top shape are the first to avoid using the handbrake for a long time. The brake has a direct contact mechanism with the disc brake on the part that holds the load on the vehicle. However, the condition of the garage room which is usually humid and hot will cause problems that are not good for the longevity of the brake lining rubber. So it is feared that it can cause problems such as rubber becoming sticky to the disc brakes and will jam when used. This will be dangerous if you are not aware of it but keep using it, as it can lead to accidents.

Insert the Transmission Lever to the “P” Position

The next tips for caring for your car to stay in top shape are if your car uses an automatic or automatic transmission, it is highly recommended to put your car’s transmission lever in the P. or Parking position. When your car is parked and inserting the gear lever in that position it will be useful to lock the wheels of your car to keep it safe even without using the handbrake.

Block Car Tires

If you have a car with manual transmission. Tips for caring for the next car to stay in top shape by propping your car tires. If an automatic car will automatically hold the wheel, it will be different in a manual transmission. The absence of a Parking feature on a car with a manual transmission will be different in an automatic transmission car. You can prop up your tires with rocks or blocks of wood that are large enough to keep your car in place.

Indeed, there are also those who enter the car’s teeth, then the car is deliberately turned off, the goal is because the manual car is in an off position but its teeth are in, it will not be able to walk or it will be stuck in one place. It is fine if this is done, but it will be dangerous and can damage parts in a car engine.

Check and Add Air Pressure to Tires

The purpose of increasing the air pressure on the tires, of course, will make the car condition that has not been used for a long time so that it can always be in prime condition. By increasing the air pressure on the tires, your car will avoid damage to the tires in certain parts, which is due to uneven tire pressure and then added to the distribution of the car body load which may not be the same when parked at the time.

Heat the engine and turn on the car air conditioner

Tips for caring for your car to stay in top shape next time is to maintain the performance of your car. Routinely heat the car in the open space, then turn on the car air conditioner so that the channel on the car AC is maintained and always in prime condition.
At least Otolovers should warm up the car twice a week. Do it for 20 minutes while stepping on the gas slowly.

Parking at a roofed location

When you park your car, it should be parked in a location with a roof on top. This has the goal of preventing your car from falling from above, such as bird droppings. In addition, the existence of a roof will prevent the car paint from becoming dull. Dull paint on your car can occur if your car is exposed to continuous rain and cold conditions, then the next day is exposed to the hot sun. And if this condition is continuously allowed, it will cause the appearance of your car to be unsightly. If you park the car, do not also park the car in a location such as under a tree. It will be quite shady, but it will be dangerous, especially when there is heavy rain which risks causing the tree to fall and it can hit your car.

Use Additional Protection

Tips for caring for the car to stay in top shape next is to help maintain the condition of the car from the outside. You can add a car blanket. The goal is to help your car stay clean and avoid dust that can stick to the glass and car paint. It is feared that this condition will cause fungus on the windshield and car body. If you doesn’t have a garage with a roof, of course this additional shield will come in handy. Some car covers are able to withstand sunlight which can damage the exterior of the car.