7 Driving Mistakes You Should Know About!

Dribing is an integral part of metropolitan city activities. Safety is one of the elements that must be considered when driving. However, currently there are still many drivers who are still aware of the importance of the safety element in driving. Most of them only think about comfort without caring about safety. It is proven by the many violations and mistakes they do consciously or unconsciously while driving. This mistake clearly endangers the driver himself, as well as others.

Turns broken until the steering is stuck

Turning in this way is often done by drivers, especially when parking their vehicle. The parking process will be much more efficient this way, but if you push the steering to the limit too often, it can damage the vehicle’s steering components. For vehicles with hydraulic power steering systems, forcing the steering to the limit can damage the power steering seals and high pressure hose sections that can endanger the driver when turning.

Turn on hazard lights during heavy rain

The hazard light actually functions as a sign that a vehicle is in an emergency. However, drivers often use hazard lights in heavy rain to clarify the position of their vehicles. The use of hazard lights during heavy rain, especially on freeways, can confuse motorists behind our vehicle, especially when changing lanes. Even though you have turned on the turn signal, when the hazard light is on, the turn signal will not be visible. This will cause misunderstanding between drivers and can lead to a fatal accident.

Head over the shoulder of the road

The shoulder of the road is an area prepared for vehicles experiencing emergencies such as strikes and tire breaks. However, drivers often abuse the shoulder of the road to overtake other vehicles, of course this will be very dangerous for drivers and other drivers who are stopped on the shoulder of the road.

Leaving the rear wiper on

In heavy rain, sometimes some drivers let the rear wipers continue to function. The goal, so that the glass is free from rain water soaking the rear window of the car. This is risky to do, because the wiper movement actually blocks the driver’s view and causes the driver to have difficulty making decisions.

Runs the yellow light

Hurrying to get to their destination sometimes makes drivers ignore traffic signs. for example, a yellow light is considered a “barrier” sign to keep driving a vehicle. Of course, ignoring traffic signs like this can endanger drivers.

Press the gas before turning off the engine

This habit is often found in cars that still use carburetors. This is useful for exhausting the remaining fuel in the carburetor and making it easier for the engine to start when turned on again. However, this does not need to be done on injection system cars that are widely circulating today.

Press the gas pedal and brake simultaneously

The habit of pressing the gas and brake pedals simultaneously will actually waste the car’s power. This is often done by car drivers with automatic transmission during braking. However, braking should be done by alternately pressing the gas and brake pedals so that the car’s power is not wasted.