7 Common Problems Your Car Often Has

Having a private vehicle is fun. Traveling anywhere has become more practical, both alone and in groups. However, sometimes things can turn disastrous if your favorite vehicle crashes or even breaks down and cannot move at all. If so, it seems that you have no choice but to call a mechanic or take him to the repair shop. For that, you need to identify some common problems that often happen to private cars.

Radio problem

Radio can be a friend during long trips. The soft voice of the announcer, combined with the beautiful tones, will make the long driving time pass pleasantly. However, there are times when the radio or DVD player in the car has problems. At first glance, this matter looks quite trivial. However, don’t try to fix it yourself. Because radio is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, a misstep in repairs could make the vehicle more damaged.

Timing belt is damaged

Timing belt is one of the important parts in a car. This flexible belt connects several vital parts of the vehicle, such as crutches and camshafts. If there is damage, it is not advisable to fix it yourself. Because the position of the timing belt must be adjusted so that all components can move in harmony. Miscalculation in positioning this section can result in long term damage to the entire drive system of the car.

Shockbreaker problem

As the name implies, the shockbreaker functions to reduce shocks when the car is driving on less smooth roads. However, sometimes this part can also be damaged. The best solution is to remove the old components and replace them with new ones. However, replacing the shockbreaker is not something easy. It takes special skills and stamina. In some cases, owners often experience injuries when trying to replace the shockbreaker of their car themselves. It is better to avoid all such risks by taking the vehicle to the repair shop.

The brakes are worn

Repairing brakes also cannot be done carelessly. If you feel the car brakes feel less gripped, you should immediately contact the subscription repair shop. Because the braking system in the car is quite complicated. Not only bearings, there are still several other important components such as rotors, brake fluid, wheel bearings, and calipers.

Cracked glass

Cars are generally equipped with thick glass as protection. However, there are times when the glass can crack, generally from hitting small objects at high speed. Don’t try to do the repair yourself if your car experiences this, because it can risk causing bigger cracks. Always use a professional repair shop to deal with car glass damage. The result will be much tidier and risk free.

The transmission doesn’t work either

The transmission is in charge of regulating gear changes and consists of several components with a fairly complicated mechanism. Therefore, repair and maintenance requires special skills. In fact, for something as simple as changing the transmission fluid. Leave it to a professional if you don’t want the engine system in your vehicle to break down.

The radiator is damaged

The radiator is also important because it functions to maintain engine temperature. Too hot or cold, the engine will malfunction and the car will not be able to move. Therefore, it is necessary to be extra careful if you want to repair a damaged radiator. Don’t try it if you don’t really know how it works, because it risks making the vehicle’s performance even worse.