7 Causes of Failure Car Brakes and How to Repair them

Causes of Failure Car Brakes – Currently, a lot of cars are produced very mature, starting from the interior, exterior and also the legs of the car that are made to pamper consumers, especially in Indonesia. Comfort and safety for a four-wheeled vehicle is indeed the main thing, considering that today’s consumers will certainly prefer a car with a good level of safety and comfort. Talking about safety, we will definitely go straight to the interior of the car, but that’s not all, but there is one of the most important parts, namely the braking system.

The brakes themselves are one of the most important parts of a car. Where we can stop the car or reduce speed by pressing the brake pedal below. Therefore we must always check or maintain this one part regularly so that the brake condition is always stable and works optimally when we press the pedal. However, there are some cases that we often encounter in this section, such as car brakes squeaking and the most common is a failed car brake. And the cause of the car brakes failing, there are some things that you must know. like one of them is a worn brake pad.
This worn brake pad must be replaced quickly so that the braking system can work optimally. So we don’t need to worry when bringing the car to travel far out of town or outside the area. In addition, the cause of car brakes is also due to exhausted brake fluid. We may still be able to deal with this kind of condition quickly, namely by buying the best quality brake fluid at the nearest repair shop. To use brake fluid, you can also use brake fluid with the code DOT 3 or DOT 4 depending on the type of car you have.

Apart from the causes above, there are several other causes that you can understand and know and how to fix them. Well, instead of being curious about the cause of car brakes failing, below we have prepared some interesting information about the causes of car brakes and how to fix them, which you can see below.

1. Brake fluid runs out

The cause of car brakes that we will first discuss is because the brake fluid has run out. Brake fluid with poor quality, of course, will cause the brakes to work poorly. This is due to the power transfer process carried out by the brake fluid. To overcome this, you can check the quality of the brake fluid regularly, either once a week or once a month. You also have to immediately refill the brake fluid so that the brakes can work optimally.

2.Wear Brake Canvas

The wear and tear on a brake pad will certainly make the braking less optimal or grip. If the wear rate is very severe, this will cause the brakes to fail and as a result we cannot control the speed of the vehicle, in fact there will be things that are not desired. If the canvas is worn out, it would be better if you go straight to the workshop to immediately replace it with a new one.

3. Vapor Lock

The third cause of car brake failure is Vapor Lock. Vapor Lock itself is the evaporation of brake fluid caused by the influence of too hot temperatures. This will cause the brake fluid to boil and cause air bubbles / steam in the brake system. But you don’t need to worry, to overcome this you can check regularly at official workshops.

4. The Braking System Has A Leak

The leaking braking system also causes the car brakes to fail. You need to be aware of this because it will be very fatal if it happens. Therefore, routine car checking or maintenance is necessary, especially if our cars are often used for long-distance trips. Usually the leak is in the brake master and several other components in the braking system.

5. Damaged Brake Piston

The brake piston is also included in the braking system, which if the brake piston is damaged, the performance of the brake will certainly be less than optimal and cause the brake to collapse. This damaged or worn piston will make it unable to continue hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal to press the brake pad so that the braking is not optimal or even failed.

6. Brake Fluid Hose Clogged

The next cause of car brake failure is a blockage in the brake fluid hose. Clogged brake fluid hose is usually caused by too much dirt contained in the brake fluid, and dirty brake fluid is also caused by the entry of dirt through the reserve tank. In addition, the poor quality of brake fluid can also cause the oil to become dirty. Therefore, choose brake fluid with the best quality so that something like this doesn’t happen.

7. Master Cylinder Piston Seal Damaged, Wear or Torn

And the last cause of car brake failure is damage to the master cylinder piston seal in the braking system. Usually this is due to the old or old age of the piston seal coupled with the poor quality of brake fluid used. Therefore, maintain the quality of brake fluid and always check regularly thecondition of brake fluid and other braking systems.
So, those are some discussions about the causes of car brakes and how to fix them. Well, maybe this is all we can say, hopefully the article that we conveyed above can be of use to all of you.