6 Best Green Sedan Cars

In fact, there are quite a lot of choices for the best sedan cars in the Indonesian automotive market. However, if you are looking for one that is cheap, it’s a bit difficult. This is because sedan type vehicles have a higher tax rate, even compared to the hatchback or sedan version. Do not believe? Currently, a new sedan is the cheapest, selling from 300 million. There are also only two choices: Toyota Vios and Honda City. Because of this high tax, most manufacturers are more interested in marketing sedans for the middle and upper class. The price is even more expensive, but in terms of features and technology it is quite interesting.

Talking about the best sedan, actually there are quite a lot of options. If you are looking for comfort, then you can choose the Mercedes-Benz S-Clas and the BMW 7 Series. Then if you are eyeing performance, you can look for the BMW M and Mercedes-AMG. It’s just that in looking for the best sedan, here we are using an environmentally friendly recommendation. So through this paper, the products presented have interesting technology that makes exhaust emissions lower, saves fuel consumption, but does not compromise their performance.Want to know the choice of the best sedan car in Indonesia based on Moladin’s recommendations? Here are six lists:

Honda Civic Turbo

One of the highlights of the Honda Civic is that the engine capacity is reduced to make it more fuel efficient, but there is a turbo that keeps its performance from decreasing. The first best sedan is the Honda Civic Turbo. Why did we choose it? One of the strongest reasons, this vehicle uses a small engine with only 1,500 cc. As a result, Civic Turbo fuel consumption can be very economical. Inside the city it can go through 14 km / liter, meanwhile outside the city where the road is more quiet it can reach 20 km / liter.

Even though it is economical, there is no doubt about performance. The Civic Turbo engine, as the name implies, gets turbo induction. As a result, on paper the peak torque reaches 220 Nm at 1,700 – 5,500 m and a maximum power of 173 PS at 5,500 m. Speaking of comfort and safety features, this Honda car is quite special. In the cabin there is a touch screen head unit, parking camera, one push ignition system, auto AC, and others. Then a matter of safety, there is hill start assist (HSA) which can prevent the car from going backwards when it stops on an incline. Then for braking, there is an anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), and brake assist (BA). Do not miss the present 6 airbags.

Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid

The advantages of the Corolla Altis are equipped with hybrid technology and Toyota Safety Sense The manufacturer that is most focused on presenting environmentally friendly cars in Indonesia is Toyota, one of its products is the Altis Hybrid. The advantage is combining a 1,798 cc petrol engine with an electric motor. The result is no doubt about performance. When the two are combined, this best sedan can spit out torque of up to 305 Nm and 149 hp. Interestingly, there is a driving mode that makes it completely mobile using an electric motor. Of course, this technology makes the Corolla Altis Hyrbid fuel consumption more efficient. The record is about 20 Kpl for the city. If out of town it can be 26 Kpl.
Regarding safety, there is a Toyota Safety Sense that combines a pre-collision system (PCS), adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert with steering, automatic high beam (AHB), rear cross traffic allert (RCTA), and blind spot monitor (BSM).

Use PCS to prevent the risk of collision with the vehicle in front. Adaptive cruise control keeps the car’s speed at a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Lane departure alert with steering control, useful for informing you when accidentally moving lanes. The AHB feature makes moving from the far to near lights automatically done so that the vehicle in front does not feel dazzled. Then the rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitor function to detect other vehicles that are not visible in the rearview mirror.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Having environmentally friendly technology with a special level of comfort for both driver and passenger, that is the strength of the Toyota Camry Hyrbid. Apart from Altis Hybrid, Toyota also has a Camry Hybrid. This best sedan in its class is above the Altis. Its trademark has bigger dimensions, a more comfortable cabin, and more stable engine performance. Naturally, this vehicle is widely used by officials in the country.

If you are a passenger, the Toyota Camry Hyrbid provides a lot of comfort features. Take for example the rear seat center console, there are seat adjustment buttons, song volume, change radio channels, cabin temperature, and much more. Then this car also has an integrated JBL sound system which is certainly very pleasing to the ears.

Mercedes-Benz A 200 Saloon

This is a Mercedes-Benz sedan with the smallest engine. The A 200 Saloon is a sedan with the smallest engine that Mercedes-Benz has. Cubication of the mechanical heart is only 1332 cc but with turbo induction. As a result, the economical problem can penetrate 19 Kpl according to the claims of the luxury car manufacturer from Germany. Although economical, the performance is no less great. On paper it can spit out a peak torque of 250 Nm at 1,620 – 4,000 m and a maximum power of 163 hp at 5,500 m. The equivalent of the 7G-DCT (automatic) transmission system.

Mercedes-Benz E300e EQ Power

Using plug-in hybrid technology allows consumers to recharge the battery at SPLU like an electric car. The next best sedan is the Mercedes-Benz E300e EQ Power. Because this vehicle is in the plug-in hybrid class. You can rely on filling up gas at public gas stations (SPBU) and battery chargers at public electricity charging stations (SPLU) When you look at the specifications, there are two engines that are the driving force, namely a 2,000 cc turbocharger which produces 211 hp power with 350 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to an electric motor with 122 hp and 440 Nm of torque. As a result, if the two are combined, the ability to run is similar to a sports car. From rest to 100 Kph, it can go through just 5.7 seconds. Fuel consumption is also very economical, reaching 55 km / liter with exhaust emissions of 41g CO2 / km. No doubt about features, this Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a myriad of safety technologies, namely the 360-degree camera, active brake assist, active line keeping assist, and so on. Speaking of comfort, there is premium ambient lighting, a head unit with Apple Calay and Android Auto connectivity, a Burmester surround sound system, wireless charger, and others.

Hyundai Ioniq, Best Sedan Car from South Korea

Low prices are the advantages of Hyundai Ioniq as an electric car made by a South Korean manufacturer The South Korean manufacturer, Hyundai, is serious enough to work on environmentally friendly cars. This was revealed through the birth of Ioniq as an electric car. Indeed, until now the Hyundai Ioniq has not officially launched, but it can be ordered at a price of 569 million (off the road) since January 2020. Because the drive fully relies on an electric motor, it means that the Hyundai Ioniq can only be recharged at a public electric charging station (SPLU). This is what is still an obstacle in Indonesia, because the number of SPLU is not large. Even though Ioniq’s potential as the best sedan car is truly special. The electric motor can generate torque of up to 295 Nm and power 134 hp. Then when the battery is fully charged, the Hyundai car can run up to 373 km.