5 Ways to Care for Tires

Tires are like human feet which play an important role in the speed of a motorcycle. That’s why tires need care to keep them durable and keep you safe on the road. Here are 5 tips for keeping tires durable.

1. Pay attention to tire pressure. Less air pressure will result in faster tread wear. This happens because only the center of the tread rubs against the road surface. Excess wind pressure is also not good for maintaining tires. If the air pressure is in accordance with the friction load, the road surface will be evenly distributed in all parts so that the tires will last longer. Check wind pressure and physical condition regularly.

2. Adopt good motorcycle riding behavior. The way you drive a vehicle also affects tire life. Avoid braking suddenly or driving the motorbike hard the first time you walk. Tire life is also determined by the speed of the vehicle. The more often you drive the motorbike at high speed the tires will wear out faster.

3. Carry reasonable loads. The motor is designed to be ridden by two people. However, it is not uncommon for motorists to use it to carry heavy loads beyond their ability. Overloading can shorten tire life and even cause tire damage, plus if driven at high speeds.

4. The influence of the weather. Exposure to direct sunlight, hot places or vice versa submerged in water and rain can shorten tire life. Try to park your motorbike in the shade. In addition, you also need to avoid the tires from contaminating oil, gasoline or damaging chemicals. Immediately clean with soapy water if exposed to the liquid.

5. Use the middle standard when parking. Get used to when parking the motorbike using the middle standard to reduce pressure on the tires in the same position for a long time. In addition, pay attention to the tread wear indicator (TWI). The triangular symbol on the side shows the protrusions between the tire patterns. Change your tires when the tire wear reaches this mark.