5 Reasons Why Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Are Priced at Fantastic Prices

The Harley Davidson is the largest heavyweight motorcycle in the United States. Harley Davidson itself was made by William S. Harley and William A. Davidson in 1903 in Wisconsin, USA. Harley Davidson is known as a very expensive motorbike. But what makes this motorbike priced at an exorbitant price? There are several reasons why Harley Davidson is so high:


One of the reasons Harley is so expensive is because the branding of the product has created a unique concept. Today, most people buy Harley because of its superior branding over all motorbikes. Harley itself is made in the US so it costs a little more.


The Harley Davidson brand is known for producing motorbikes that are strong and reliable in all terrains. Even though it is superior to Victory, BMW, or Triumph motorbike engines, buyers prefer Harley because they believe in the quality of the motorbike. Prices for Harley motorbikes are also comparable to most other bikes of the same quality and style. Of course, Harley has the standard and quality of the motorbike that is not in doubt. Even though other motorcycle brands share the same standards, Harley is unquestionable. The company is known to maintain high sales value so that Harley owners will continue to stay on Harley motorbikes.


Maybe we also often ask why Rolex watches are so expensive, the question also applies to Harley Davidson. In essence, Harley Davidson has positioned the company in the market. In order to maintain its image, companies believe that they must maintain a certain price. With the reliability and capability of its motorbikes, the company is targeting a certain market for its motorcycle sales. That way, Harley Davidson knows who it is and has positioned itself in the right place at the right price.

Pricing Strategy

Harley Davidson understands that some people pay a premium to get a Harley motorcycle. In fact, some prospective buyers have to register to join the waiting list for those who want to buy a Harley motorcycle. Most of the buyers are looking for or getting what they call American Iron. The pricing strategy adopted by Harley has allowed them to get such a customer to make money on a bicycle from the brand.


The image created by Harley Davidson is so strong that most riders are eager to own a Harley.