5 Disadvantages of Avanza Cars You Often Meet

The Toyota Avanza is still the choice of many people who crave a car out. Before buying, you should know about the Avanza car disease. The goal is of course so that there are no regrets in the future. Considering that the car that has the nickname “Car of a Million People” is certainly not without its shortcomings. the Toyota Avanza is known as a durable, efficient car with easy maintenance. Talking about the Avanza car disease, at least there are some important things that consumers need to know. So before making sure to buy a Toyota Avanza, you should first know about the Avanza Veloz car disease. Especially when buying a 7-passenger family car in a used condition. Want to know what are the diseases of the Avanza car? Check out the full review below:

1. Machine Sound Tends Rough

When you decide to buy a used Toyota Avanza, the Avanza car disease that you might feel is the sound of the car tends to be noisy at high speeds. This obstacle is a disease that often arises in the Toyota Avanza. So don’t be strange, when you encounter voices that are unpleasant to hear. Especially if you are driving at speeds between 80 kph and above. The driver will feel the noise in the cabin.
The sound that comes out is like the roar of an engine which can certainly disturb comfort when driving. To solve this problem, usually car owners add a damper in some parts to reduce the noise. You might add a damper in a number of parts of the vehicle, such as the hood, the doors, the deck, to the firewall inside the cabin. This method is considered effective by a number of Toyota Avanza users.

2. Avanza Matic, Acceleration Tends to Slow

In the automatic transmission of the Toyota Avanza, the disease of the Avanza car that many consumers feel is that the car tends to be slow when accelerating. This is common in automatic Avanza. When stepped on the gas pedal, to devour the hilly roads. Usually the transmission is moved in a low gear position and raises the rpm, so that power can be maximized. If the transmission tends to wear out or get damaged, the car feels slower to respond or there is a delay. This can also happen when the transmission lever is moved from position D to R.
If you experience delay symptoms like this and haven’t officially bought a vehicle. We recommend that you look for another unit. Because usually transmissions that are like this must get repair. The costs incurred can be quite large. Symptoms of a transmission that begins to fail, usually a number of symptoms such as sudden loss of power or loss of power. It could also be that the transmission will feel heavy, when the car accelerates. Another problem that you may feel, feels the gearshift is coarser and unstable.

3. Less Engine Performance

Discussing more about the disease of the Avanza Veloz car, it usually has an intriguing engine. Usually this happens to the first and second generation Toyota Avanza. Many consumers feel this problem in their favorite vehicles. This usually occurs due to the use of inappropriate fuel which has an impact on differences in compression and ignition timming which is not perfect.

4. Car Braking System Less Perfect

Old Toyota Avanza, has less biting brakes. The complaint related to the Avanza car disease that many users complain about is the ability of the brakes which is quite lousy, aka drifting. This is often the complaint of Avanza Veloz users.
Therefore, many vehicle owners have finally decided to replace the components with aftermarket devices, so that the braking will get better.

5. Less Comfortable Seat

When traveling that is quite long, usually passengers in the second and third rows complain about the pain in their buttocks when they are lingering in the car. The reason, maybe because the seat foam on the Avanza Veloz, especially the first generation, tends to be thin. Therefore, to sit for a long time it becomes uncomfortable and can make the buttocks more sore and hot. If this happens to you or your family, passengers should get out of the car and stretch their muscles. To be strong to face the long journey.