4 Causes of Black Smoky Car and Solutions to Overcome Them

The black smoke that appears through the exhaust of the car certainly worries most car owners, especially those of you who don’t know much about cars. The black smoke that appears this could be due to the car engine burning too much fuel. Whether it’s a problem with the air filter components, sensors, or the fuel injection. Usually this black smoke will be easily recognized, not only disturbing but also will make fuel consumption wasteful. This blackish smoke can also be caused by the fuel mixture that may be too much from the standard. To find out more, it would be better to check to find out the cause of the black smoking car and then find a solution.

Too Much Fuel Setting

When the engine combustion process, of course, you know the AFM ratio on the gasoline engine. Usually this ratio is 14: 1, 14 for air to 1 with gasoline. However, if the ratio changes, for example to 16: 1, then this is included in the “lean” mixture. If the ratio is 12: 1 or even below, it will get into the mixture that is too wasteful. This mixture that is too much or wasteful will cause the gasoline not to mix evenly in the air molecules.
So that when the spark plug is on, the gasoline in it will not burn completely. This is what then causes the car to smell of gasoline and the appearance of annoying black smoke. Moreover, if more gasoline is burned in the combustion chamber, it will cause vehicle smoke to become much more concentrated. For this problem, it is necessary to suspect damage to the carburetor component of the car, because the function of this component is to determine the ratio of gasoline to air.

To overcome this damage, there are several things you can do. Starting from making adjustments by turning the screw from the left or right until you find the ideal result. This usually occurs in the case of black smoke that rises when the RPM is idle. Check the choke valve, if it is still closed, it will make the gasoline mixture too wasteful. If this smoke occurs when the RPM is medium or high, then this damage can be caused to the jet in the carburetor. To overcome this, it is necessary to replace one carburetor unit. However, if black smoke only appears when the car is going up an incline or is carrying a heavy load, it could be that this damage is caused by the power system which supplies more fuel so that the mixture becomes more. This is actually a normal problem.

Problematic or Free IAC

If the car is running at idle RPM, but your car is already using injection technology and the check engine light cannot turn on. So the cause of the car boils down to a problem with the idle speed regulating valve. This valve works to regulate air which passes through the idle channel in the throtle body. When the gas valve is closed, air will flow through the idle port and into the intake manifold. But before going to the intake, there is a valve that functions to adjust the size of this idle channel. If the katu is fully open, it makes the channel wide open, which allows a lot of air to enter the intake. However, if the valve opens a little, it causes the idle channel to narrow so that the air supply becomes blocked.
If the air supply becomes blocked but the gasoline supply remains the same, it will cause the mixture to become richer which results in more concentrated exhaust emissions. Problems like this are generally followed by a car engine that is difficult to start and can even suddenly die at idle speed. For a solution to overcome this, it is necessary to open the IAC on the throtle body. After that, clean the valve and idle channel using a carburetor cleaner. This liquid serves to clean the scale and dirt until clean in these two components.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filter conditions are another reason why cars can smoke black. The filter functions to clean and filter impurities in the air so as not to block the flow of air to the intake. Although it is not directly the cause of the car to smoke black, but because the filter conditions are not clean, it causes dust and dirt to eventually stick to the sensor which affects the sensor readings. The only solution is to clean the air filter regularly. Perform regular tune ups to prevent damage to the injection system. If the filter is badly damaged, replace it with new components immediately.

Injection system malfunction

Black smoking car problems can also occur in injection cars, the cause can be related to the AFM ratio as well as cars that use a carburetor system. But in injection engines, fuel mixing occurs using an injector. So that the mixing of gasoline and air will occur directly at the intake before later entering the fuel chamber. To find out the damage to the EFI system, there are several ways you might do it.
When there is damage to the injector or sensor, the check engine light turns on. From there, you can scan to find out where the sensor is damaged. But if you don’t have a scan tool, then of course it will be difficult to check because there are many sensors in the injection system. So it would be better if you bring your car directly to the official repair shop for a check-up. Usually the damage that occurs in the EFI system can be overcome by replacing components.