Let’s Get To Know More In The Motor Electrical System

Let’s Get To Know More In The Motor Electrical System

Most motorists choose these vehicles for reasons that are more efficient than others. Often, the purpose of the vehicle user is hampered due to motor electrical problems. The tool on the motorbike when having problems often triggers boredom for its users. Even though the latest motorbikes are currently equipped with this technology. So that motorbike lovers are not curious, here is a deeper review of electricity in motorbikes.

What exactly is Motor Electricity?

It should be noted beforehand that motor electricity is the generator of electrical energy in the motor. A tool that can generate electricity in this motor is called a spool. The spool itself is a magnetic propulsion machine. Many motorbike riders do not realize the existence of this one component because of the tendency to mention parts of it. They know more about the parts of this electrical component than the universal name.
This one component is useful for providing a source of electricity that generates the main current of electricity in the motor. Tools like this are generally used to streamline motor performance with the help of dynamic electrical energy which is applied directly to the engine.

Technology that is increasingly advanced and sophisticated makes motorcycle companies continue to innovate to create new breakthroughs for environmentally friendly vehicles. The existence of this motor component is supported by several very specific parts for each structure.
This electrical component can be found in the latest motorbikes with high freedom of access. The existence of this component makes the … Read More

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Function and How Spark Plugs Work

Function and How Spark Plugs Work

The function of the spark plug in a vehicle is to burn a mixture of gasoline with air that has been compressed by the piston movement. Based on how the spark plug works, it can be said that this component is vital in the combustion process of a gasoline or diesel engine. This means that without spark plugs, the combustion process in the engine combustion chamber will never occur and all components related to the motion system will not function as their respective duties.

Another function of spark plugs that must be understood is that of pulling unwanted heat energy from the combustion chamber and then transferring it to the cooling system in the vehicle. Spark plugs or known as bougie in Dutch are different for each engine depending on the combustion accommodation needed to bully the engine to start and then keep moving. Despite its small size, the spark plug consists of quite a lot and complex components. Here are some of these components:

1. Terminal

Located at the tip of the spark plug, connecting the spark plug with the ignition system and made of iron.

2. Ceramic Insulators

This part which is made of ceramic or porcelain lies after the terminal. Serves to support the mechanics of the electrode core in the middle as well as a high voltage electrical insulator flowing in the electrode core.

3. Hex

The hex size determines the socket required for the installation of spark plugs on a vehicle.

4. Insulator Tip

The … Read More

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7 Safe Steps to Drive a Clutch Motor

7 Safe Steps to Drive a Clutch Motor

Currently the clutch motorbike is one of the motorbikes favored by the public. The clutch motor itself is not much different from the automatic motorbike, the difference is in the motorbike transmission. If the clutch motorbike has a manual transmission plus a clutch to shift gears, while the automatic certainly has an automatic transmission. For beginner users of a clutch motorbike, it is a little difficult to learn a clutch motorbike if you usually use an automatic motorbike that only has gas left. Driving a clutch motorcycle must be a lot of concentration on the clutch, gas, brake simultaneously.

Here are 7 safe steps to driving a clutch motorbike that you can use to make you more fluent in using a clutch motorbike.

1. Learn the Clutch Work System

The earliest is that you learn the clutch work system first. The clutch serves to move teeth smoothly. The clutch panel is located on your left hand lever (right is the front brake, and left is the clutch). When you start pulling the clutch lever, the clutch plate will be pressed by the brake lining so that it stops, and it is at this time that we can usually shift the gears on the motor. So the main function of this clutch is to cut off the drive which is usually in the form of transmission and gear to the engine, so that it is easy for us to change gears to a higher or lower one.

2. Release the clutch

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