Modification of the Best and Coolest Sedan Cars in 2020

Modification of the Best and Coolest Sedan Cars in 2020

Beautifying a car with modifications becomes a fun routine for some people, especially the rich. Modification hobby is indeed not a cheap hobby, because it requires very much money to replace some parts of the car or add additional accessories that are quite expensive. All cars can also be modified, but the easiest is a sedan. With a little touch of modification, of course it will look more cool. Types of sedan cars are also very many, ranging from old sedans to new sedans. For those who like classic cars certainly prefer the old sedan to be modified. The cost of modifying an old sedan is certainly huge, because it has to do rejuvenation on the engine so that its performance is always optimal.

Usually older sedan owners prefer to do a rejuvenation or restoration on his car, so it looks like a new car. Whereas new sedan owners usually add a variety of additional accessories, such as bumpers, spoilers, or body kits that surround each side of the car to make it look like a race car. Wheels and mufflers become one of the parts that must be replaced when modifying a new sedan car. Old sedan owners also often replace the default car exhaust with racing exhaust so that the sound output is blaring. The interior is also not immune from modifications, such as adding a subwoofer, changing the head unit, up to the leather seats. Now for those who are curious to see a modified sedan, please … Read More

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Here are 6 ways to care for a car that is easy and can save costs

Here are 6 ways to care for a car that is easy and can save costs

In addition to fuel content, you also need to do regular maintenance of your car. According to the research we did it turns out fluid in the car must always be checked. Usually what do you care for the car? Please write your experience on how to take care of the car in the comments column below. Who knows, your writing can also be useful for readers.

Choose the Right Fuel

The condition of the car will certainly be determined by car maintenance. One important thing is to choose the right fuel. Choose fuel according to the octane value recommended by the manufacturer. What exactly is octane value? Octane Value is a number that shows the amount of pressure that can be applied before the fuel (pertalite, first and others) spontaneously ignites. The higher the octane value, the slower the fuel burns. The benefit for your vehicle engine is that combustion leaves no residue on the engine that can interfere with its performance

Fuel saving tips:

1. Adjust the speed, keep the RPM (engine speed).

2. If manual, use the right teeth.

3. Don’t use the brake too much.

4. Turn off all air conditioners and electronic devices when the car is turned off.

5. Avoid stopping for a long time, when the engine starts.

6. Tune up regularly

7. Follow the 8 tips on how to care for this car.

Check the Timing Belt, Spark Plugs, Lights and Signals

In the car there is always a timing belt, spark … Read More

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How to take care of the correct motor matic so that it always lasts

How to take care of the correct motor matic so that it always lasts

Now there are many motor matic users. Although originally this automatic motorbike was used by women because of the ease of using the automatic motorbike which only had gas, but lately it is not uncommon for men to also choose to use motor automatic motorbike. With so many automatic motorcycle users, this time we will share tips on how to take care of the automatic motorcycle so that it is always durable. Because automatic motors are easy to operate, special care needs to be taken to keep this automatic motors durable and always in top condition. Let us refer to the review of How to Take Care of the Right Motorcycle Matic To Always Be Durable below.

Matic Motor Maintenance

1. Always heat your motor matic before it will be used. Do this for about 5-10 minutes before it’s ready to use.

2. Condition your motor speed stably. Don’t make a sudden assertion. Likewise, vice versa, do not immediately decrease speed when you walk at high speed.

3. Refuel immediately when the gasoline has started to run out. This is to avoid wear and tear on the engine.

4. Change your motor oil regularly.

5. Also pay attention to the condition of the ACCU and the motor spark plug. This is an important component of your automatic motorcycle so that the motor doesn’t break down easily and remains comfortable to drive.

6. Check roler and ventbeld

Immediately replace the components of your motor matic if it is not feasible. Replacement … Read More

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