When and the Right Way To Service Cars Periodically

Many car owners have not been able to accept the fact about the importance of regular regular car service. Moreover, for those who buy a new car, who think that it is enough to get free service. However, the free service is not for the long term. Furthermore, car repair costs will be charged, according to the needs and the number of spare parts replaced. After running out of free service, people tend to underestimate and lazy to do car service. In fact, when the vehicle is used frequently, there will definitely be problems with some of its components. For that, montir.id recommends that you do regular car repairs to maintain the performance of your car.

Why do you have to do regular car repairs?

When you service your car regularly or routinely, it is certain that you will always have optimal performance, always drive safely and comfortably, avoid breaking down on the road, and of course, save more money than having to perform major service later. By regularly servicing your car you can check your car components and find out some possible damage to each component. Furthermore, the damage can be repaired immediately and your car will be spared from creeping component damage.

What Are the Right Routine Car Repair Tips?

To carry out regular car repairs or servicing, you must still pay attention to several important elements. Periodic car repairs are intended so that the car can be optimally used and prevent component damage. The following are tips that you can do when performing routine car service.

1. Using Original Spare Parts

Maybe you are someone who is diligent enough to do routine car service. Besides, you are also the person who rides naturally. However, every time you do car service in a garage, there are always spare parts that ask to be replaced. If this happens, then make sure the quality of the parts you buy. Always try to buy genuine parts that you can buy at an authorized dealer or distributor. Genuine spare parts or spare parts are of far superior quality so that your car does not have to go back and forth to the garage which costs a lot of repair costs.

2. Using fuel according to machine needs

Apart from the use of authorized spare parts, the use of fuel also affects the cost of servicing your car. Many vehicle owners insist on filling their vehicle tanks with low octane gasoline because they are judged to have a lower price. In fact, car manufacturers have recommended the use of high octane fuel. Low-octane gasoline can make engine performance less than optimal because it cannot withstand high engine compression. As a result, the component life of your car will be shorter.

3. Checking the Condition of Car Tires

Tires include auto parts that have a vital role. Bad tire conditions can threaten safety while driving. Make sure the car tires are still fit for use. If it is bald, then immediately replace it with a new one. The wrong choice of car tires, the stakes are life. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose genuine car tires because the quality is far more optimal.

4. Pay attention to the car service schedule

The durability of a vehicle engine can last a long time if you do regular car service. Servicing must be done according to schedule. Usually, the repair shop records the time to do your car service. However, there are many reasons why servicing must be done on schedule. However, montir.id recommends that you regularly service your car based on kilometers traveled or a certain time. car service based on the ideal mileage for you is 10,000 km. whereas based on time, you should do it after 6 months, even though the mileage is still far from 10,000 km.