This is the Right Way to Drive an Automatic Motorcycle on a Downhill Road

Driving a motorcycle with an automatic transmission is easier than a manual motorbike or a sports motorbike. The rider does not need to be busy adjusting the gear position to adjust the speed of the motorbike while driving. However, there is a different treatment when riding an automatic motorbike on downhill roads. In this condition, the use of the brakes must be minimized to anticipate the occurrence of overheating which can cause brake failure.

In a manual motorbike, you can take advantage of the engine brake, which is to reduce the speed of the vehicle by using the engine rotation resistance by positioning the lower speed gear so that the motor speed can be restrained. But, what about automatic motor scooters (scooters) where the transmission gear settings are done automatically?
Astra’s Safety Riding Supervisor said, motorbikes with automatic transmission can also use the engine brake when passing steeply descending roads. In addition to using the brakes alternately between the front and rear, the rider can also maximize the engine brake. The trick is to hold low gas rotation, Okay add, specifically for automatic, so that there can be a gas engine brake, it must be held so that the clutch is connected.

That way, the higher rear wheel speed can be held back by the low engine speed, “he said. By utilizing this engine brake, it can avoid overheating the brakes, because if the brakes are used too often it can cause overheating as a result. brakes become malfunctioning or lose. This incident often occurs when automatic motorcyclists cross over hilly areas and use the brakes too often. Meanwhile, different treatment also needs to be done on the braking technique for motorbikes with this automatic transmission.

Such as when to use the front and rear brakes simultaneously, when to use the rear brake only, and when to use the brakes alternately.
The rear brake is only used when the driver is about to reduce the speed of the vehicle but does not stop. If to stop using the front and rear brakes together. With more powerful front brakes, alternating use of the brakes is necessary when going through steep slopes or on mountain roads.