These 5 luxury car manufacturers produce cool bicycles, the price makes you shake

Currently cycling activities are loved by the community. This makes us accustomed to seeing various models of bicycles that roam, from those worth hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.However, it turns out that it is not only bicycle brands that take advantage of the high demand for cycling, because various leading car brands have also made very cool bicycle models. For those who are curious about the various luxury bicycle models made by leading premium car manufacturers, here are the reviews.


The German luxury vehicle manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, has joined to enliven the vehicle manufacturer that produces bicycles. Mercedes-Benz, in terms of manufacturing this bicycle, is working with Argon 18 from Canada.
The progress of Argon 18 itself is undoubtedly, Argon 18 has been present since 1989 in Montreal, Quebec. The name comes from the element Argon, which is number 18 on the periodic table of elements. Mercedes-Benz trusts the Argon 18 because it has been around for a long time in the bicycle world and all its bicycles have been distributed to more than 70 countries. In this manufacture, Mercedes Benz bikes use a super light material, namely carbon. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz has not released an official price for this bike.


Do not remain silent, Ferrari also enlivened the bicycle brand by presenting the SF01 Limited Edition Giallo Modena, which only produced 120 units. To make this bike, Ferrari entrusted Bianchi, who has experience in making bikes. Therefore this bike is not only made quite limited, but also has number one performance, because it is made with carbon fiber which weighs only 780 grams. This bike is only available at the Scuderia Ferrari Online Store and the price is estimated at 272 million.


Not wanting to be left behind with Ferrari, Lamborghini also presents quite a charming bike. But according to its history, Lamborghini bikes have been introduced since the Frankfurt Motor Show 1979 by Automobili Lamborghini SpA.
Even so, this bike is not made in Italy like a Ferrari bicycle. But production in Germany with the intervention of Lamborghini Bike International. This bike is reportedly only made to order, and is limited to only 500 units. While the price is in the range of 232 million.


Not only famous for making high-performance cars. Bugatti has also made a bicycle that is quite charming. The entire bicycle is made of lightweight carbon fiber. While this Bugatti bike is also claimed to be the lightest and fastest bicycle ever. To be able to have it, you need to spend up to 510 million.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin has trusted Storck Bicycles to make a range of carbon fiber in its luxury cars. But not only making luxury cars, the two companies have actually experimented with making bicycles called Fascenario 3, which only sells 107 units.
To make it exclusive, Aston Martin sold it for the equivalent of 259 million. One of the advantages of this bike is the aerodynamics it presents. Storck’s Gau looks bent, reducing aero drag.