Caring Tips For Car Rental Owners

Car rental owners will certainly always take good care of their cars by following Car Care Tips in the right way. To run a car rental business certainly must care for the car you have. What should be considered? Car components must be inspected and how to repair the damage caused to the car. Regular car maintenance will minimize damage to the car, extend the life of the car, prevent damage to the car more severe, and save on car maintenance costs. For example for car tire care. Examination of the correct tire pressure makes the car tires more durable, the legs of the car are more durable, a good steering system, good acceleration, and strong tire traction. If you do not perform routine maintenance of car tires, what will happen is the tires are easily exhausted and bald, the legs of the car wear out quickly, and the engine work gets heavier.

Care of the battery

Car battery maintenance is done routinely and what must be considered is as follows:

1. Height of the battery water: Make sure the battery water is at the level it should be and following the specified line mark. Avoid lack of water and if a shortage is added the volume of battery water to the recommended level and uses pure water (distilled) or battery water.

2. Battery Voltage: make sure the battery voltage is around 12 volts to check it can use a voltmeter

3. Polar cleanliness: poles – negative or positive poles … Read More

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