Caring Tips For Car Rental Owners

Car rental owners will certainly always take good care of their cars by following Car Care Tips in the right way. To run a car rental business certainly must care for the car you have. What should be considered? Car components must be inspected and how to repair the damage caused to the car. Regular car maintenance will minimize damage to the car, extend the life of the car, prevent damage to the car more severe, and save on car maintenance costs. For example for car tire care. Examination of the correct tire pressure makes the car tires more durable, the legs of the car are more durable, a good steering system, good acceleration, and strong tire traction. If you do not perform routine maintenance of car tires, what will happen is the tires are easily exhausted and bald, the legs of the car wear out quickly, and the engine work gets heavier.

Care of the battery

Car battery maintenance is done routinely and what must be considered is as follows:

1. Height of the battery water: Make sure the battery water is at the level it should be and following the specified line mark. Avoid lack of water and if a shortage is added the volume of battery water to the recommended level and uses pure water (distilled) or battery water.

2. Battery Voltage: make sure the battery voltage is around 12 volts to check it can use a voltmeter

3. Polar cleanliness: poles – negative or positive poles … Read More

Caring Car Tips in the Rainy Season

The rainy season finally arrived at the end of the year. In December, there has been a lot of rainfall. The impact of roads that are flooded and congestion will become a routine sight. For those of you who use the vehicle as a means of daily transportation certainly need to be considered about maintenance. Be sure to take care of the car properly, so that cars that are often rain will not experience problems. Due to the high salt content found in rainwater. For car owners, caring for a car in the rainy season can be done alone. Here are 5 tips on caring for a car in the rainy season that Carvaganza collects from several sources:

1. Don’t Wait for Dry Rain Water

Rainwater that dries in the car, over time will risk damaging the paint and coating of the car. Dry rain will leave its mark. If left many times also has the potential to damage the paint. Wash the car immediately with a special shampoo and rinse the car thoroughly with water.

2. Diligently Check Engine Components

Perform periodic inspection of car components. Because water is very easy to enter through narrow gaps. Do not be lazy to check the engine parts of a car. Make sure no engine components are disturbed due to incoming rainwater. Water entering the engine can cause the car to break down.

3. Check the Car Windshield Clarity

Rainwater can cause mold on the windshield. Make sure the windshield of your … Read More

8 Payment Terms When Buying a New Car

The development of technology and car features that increasingly complement today’s lifestyles, certainly makes you curious and of course, requires you to be smart in making choices. Not just a matter of variance, but you also need to be able to choose a payment program that suits your needs. As a car seller, sales usually categorize various payment methods in specific terms. So that you are not confused, let’s refer to a variety of important terms that must be known before buying a new car.

1. Booking Fee

Booking Fee or sign money is one form of customer seriousness in buying a vehicle. Usually, Booking Fee is only for purchases of vehicles that are still in the pre-order stage with a nominal value of between Rp. 5-10 million. Payment of Booking Fee must also be directed to the showroom either in cash or via bank transfer.

2. Vehicle Order Letter

SPK or commonly referred to as Vehicle Order Letter (SPK) is one of the documents given to the Customer after paying the Booking Fee. This SPK is also a sign of the commencement of the Customer to pay a bill that has been agreed upon. Typically, the SPK contains Customer’ data as well as information about vehicles that are adjusted to BPKP and STNK.

3. Down Payment

After paying the Booking Fee, if the vehicle unit is ready and available the customer will be asked to pay Down Payment (DP) or down payment. DP is one of the initial payment … Read More

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