Know the Function of the Solar Filter in the Following Diesel Car

Diesel engines are well known by some automotive enthusiasts as vehicles that do not require more maintenance, but have a tough engine and are not easily fussy. It’s just that every car owner must remain diligent in maintaining several important components in a diesel engine car. One of the important parts is the diesel filter in diesel cars. This component is usually replaced when performing periodic service maintenance at the same time as an oil change or when the filter looks dirty or every 10,000 km.

The function of this diesel filter is to filter out impurities that have been mixed with fuel, so that the fuel becomes cleaner before it flows into the engine combustion chamber. Moreover, diesel fuel contains water and sulfur which are very high, so there is a lot of dirt. For common rail diesel engines that tend to be more sensitive to the fuel used, the diesel filter function is very important to maintain engine performance properly. Inside the diesel filter is equipped with a filter made of woven paper that looks like a honeycomb. This filter plays a role in absorbing water content mixed with low-quality fuel to prevent it from entering the combustion chamber. It is necessary to understand that if there is water in diesel fuel that manages to enter the combustion chamber, it will cause the engine to collapse due to a water hammer (a condition in which the car engine dies suddenly because water enters the combustion chamber and gets high pressure in the cylinder chamber by the piston). The function of this diesel filter also filters impurities that have accumulated from the high sulfur content.

The way the diesel filter works in a diesel car is by filtering the diesel that comes down from the fuel tank and then flowing it to the fuel pump. If along with the use of the diesel car diesel filter is disturbed, it will make the small injector holes more easily clogged. There are two parts of the diesel filter in a diesel engine, namely the diesel filter body (glass and fuel filter cap) and the fuel filter element. The most serious component is the contents of the diesel filter which acts to filter impurities in the fuel before it enters the fuel pump. To keep the diesel filter function properly, you need to regularly check its condition. If it is not feasible, it must be replaced immediately with an original product so that the quality of the diesel engine continues to work optimally. If you don’t check the diesel filter on a diesel car regularly, it can have negative effects, one of which is that the plunger on the injection pump quickly breaks or wears out, thus inhibiting the combustion process. The damaged or worn plunger condition makes you have to prepare more funds because the price is expensive compared to the price of the diesel filter components in other diesel cars. Not only paying attention to the condition of the diesel filter in a diesel car. You have to make sure you use good quality fuel oil. The reason is, low quality fuel usually stores more dirt.