It is important for children to be taught an orderly culture of traffic from an early age

Many things can be done to improve the culture of orderly traffic, one of which is through socialization and education on traffic order, which is carried out from an early age. From the level of kindergarten education, with these students he will surely know about orderly traffic. So if their parents violate them, they will be immediately reprimanded, ‘sir, this is breaking the signs.

The cultivation of traffic awareness should be done from an early age and can be integrated as one of the mandatory content in the Early Childhood Education curriculum. Childhood is the initial phase in human life to initiate external socialization outside their core family environment and in this phase they tend to find it easier to absorb values ​​including traffic knowledge because later when they enter school age, adolescents and adults will always interacts with the traffic system and roads in carrying out its activities. Here it is very necessary to have cross-sectoral cooperation that is interconnected between educational institutions, police, local governments and other interest groups in compiling curricula and implementing teaching on the importance of traffic awareness in children. What is do’s and don’ts on the highway, how to respect fellow road users, introduction to traffic signs and how to cross the road safely are basic traffic materials for early childhood levels that can be packaged in an attractive teaching method for they make it easier to be embedded in their minds and able to add value to themselves. The family is the first and foremost institution for each individual for the socialization and internalization of values. At an early age, the frequency of close relationships between children and parents is still very high so that parents must become teachers for their children by socializing positive life values.
At this time, with increasingly complicated traffic conditions and requiring children to start a lot of activities outside the home, especially for the sake of education, parents should adopt an adaptive attitude by starting to teach their children how to behave and behave in an adaptive manner. highway for his own safety. Especially because it is impossible for parents to continuously accompany their children in activities outside the home so that it is very important for children to be taught from an early age about traffic awareness. When there is an opportunity to go with family, parents can also set an example by driving vehicles properly and politely and obeying existing traffic signs so that it becomes an effective learning vehicle for children in their core family environment to have traffic awareness from an early age.