How to take care of the correct motor matic so that it always lasts

Now there are many motor matic users. Although originally this automatic motorbike was used by women because of the ease of using the automatic motorbike which only had gas, but lately it is not uncommon for men to also choose to use motor automatic motorbike. With so many automatic motorcycle users, this time we will share tips on how to take care of the automatic motorcycle so that it is always durable. Because automatic motors are easy to operate, special care needs to be taken to keep this automatic motors durable and always in top condition. Let us refer to the review of How to Take Care of the Right Motorcycle Matic To Always Be Durable below.

Matic Motor Maintenance

1. Always heat your motor matic before it will be used. Do this for about 5-10 minutes before it’s ready to use.

2. Condition your motor speed stably. Don’t make a sudden assertion. Likewise, vice versa, do not immediately decrease speed when you walk at high speed.

3. Refuel immediately when the gasoline has started to run out. This is to avoid wear and tear on the engine.

4. Change your motor oil regularly.

5. Also pay attention to the condition of the ACCU and the motor spark plug. This is an important component of your automatic motorcycle so that the motor doesn’t break down easily and remains comfortable to drive.

6. Check roler and ventbeld

Immediately replace the components of your motor matic if it is not feasible. Replacement of any spare parts try to use the original spare parts recommended by official workshops.

7. Check the transmission room and shockbreaker oil.

In the transmission room there is usually a lot of dust stuck there. Always clean periodically when the transmission chamber has started to get dirty. Also replace the Shockbreaker Oil periodically.

8. Servicing your automatic motorbike regularly at the official motorcycle repair shop

This should not be forgotten for motor matic users, try not to forget to service your motorbike at your motor matic’s official workshop.

How to Take Care of the Motor Matic To Always Last

1. Pay attention to the Timing Belt

The timing belt is a very important part for the automatic motorbike because the function of the timing is the same as the function of the chain on the transmission motor. So you should always take care of the automatic motor and pay attention to the timing belt so it does not harden. If the timing belt hardens, your automatic motorbike will find it difficult to walk and can also prevent you from traveling.

2. Paying attention to CVT oil

CVT is a continuity of Variable Vransmission, this tool has a purpose as a transmission on automatic motor. The way the CVT works is to change the transmission of the automatic motor directly according to the speed when you drive. CVT is an important part of the motor matic because herein lies the main movement of the motor matic. For this reason, you should pay attention to the oil in the CVT and replace it periodically so that your automatic transmission will remain in top condition.

3. Changing Periodic Engine Oil

Engine oil is a motor requirement that must be met, including in this case motor automatic maintenance. You should always check your motorcycle engine oil and replace it periodically according to your motorbike use so that the oil always seems new. If the engine oil is dirty and has not been replaced, the impact of the engine on the automatic motor will affect. Changing the engine oil is done if it has traveled a distance of 3000km or 3 months, the oil change has a function to always maintain the cleanliness of your motorcycle engine.