How to Kickdown an Automatic Car to Make It More Powerful

When facing a hill or wanting to overtake another vehicle, automatic car drivers usually kick down to get more power. Kickdown on an automatic car is meant to press the gas pedal quickly and fully when the car is going uphill, or when overtaking the car in front of it. The goal is to accelerate the acceleration of the car.

Automatic Car

How does Kickdown work on Automatic Cars

The way kickdown itself works occurs automatically, where when the driver presses the accelerator quickly, the kickdown starts to work. Usually, when an automatic car is given an additional gas pedal, the torque will increase, and that is a downshift in the automatic transmission which is meant to get more torque when going uphill. Later the transmission will rise again to the top gear automatically.

How to do a Kickdown Doing a kickdown is not difficult. When the car is moving with the lever in D, the driver only needs to relax the gas pedal a little, then step on it again. When doing the beat, it’s best to do it spontaneously and very deeply. Also make sure the car’s steering wheel is held correctly to anticipate an increase in speed. After successfully overtaking or going through an incline, the driver can relax the pressure on the gas pedal so that the automatic transmission shifts gears to a higher level. This is usually marked by the appearance of a small urge.

As for kickdown, sometimes the transmission cannot shift gears to a lower gear so it still feels less powerful when trying to overtake other vehicles. To anticipate this, you can move the gear lever from position D to position 3 or 2, or you can also turn off the overdrive. If the overdrive is off, it can be used to lower the gear position to increase the engine speed so that the torque also increases.