How to Increase Car Engine Power

Having a car certainly wants to have a great car engine power. Because with great power can be used as desired. For those of you who want to have a car with great power, here are some ways to increase your car engine power:

Car Engine

1. Carburetor Settings

For those of you who still use a conventional ignition system, you must have a carburetor in it. You need to know that carburetor adjustments can affect the performance of these car components. If the adjustment is not carried out according to predetermined standards, the machine will not function properly. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust the components of the car carburetor according to predetermined standards in order to have maximum power.

2. Install Turbo-Charger

The way the turbo-charger component works is by utilizing the exhaust gas generated from combustion in the engine which will later be used to rotate the fan in the engine. By installing a turbo-charger on your car, there will surely be changes that occur to your car engine performance.

3. Modification of the Muffler

Change the exhaust that you are using from a standard exhaust to a racing type exhaust. It is common knowledge that changing the exhaust to a racing type can increase the power of the car. In order for the car to be even faster, use an exhaust with an exhaust system or a free-flow type of exhaust made of large pipes that can reduce the residual combustion exhaust system.

4. Reducing the Load From the Car

You need to know that the heavier the load from your car, the slower your car will also be. for that you need to reduce the burden on your car if you want the car you are using to run stably and of course powerful. If you want more power then you have to replace the components on your car that are made of heavy materials with components with lightweight materials. So that doesn’t mean you have to throw away all the heavy components of your car.

5. Replacing spark plugs

If you want your car engine power to be more aggressive and faster, then you have to replace the car’s spark plugs. We recommend that you use spark plugs with iridium type. Because iridium type spark plugs can produce more complete fuel combustion. If the fuel combustion is more perfect, the power generated will automatically be more powerful and of course faster.