How to Improve Used Car Engine Performance

So, are your tasks finished there, my friend? Apparently not you know, so that your used car engine has increased performance, there are several surefire ways you must do. Let’s look at some of the things below

Replace the battery

Although it looks simple, but the battery is a very important component in the car. There is no battery, the automatic car cannot be started. The used car engine that you bought could be the battery was worn out because it was eaten by age or not treated by the previous owner.How to replace the battery on a used car engine is very easy, you only need the same size battery with the old battery and just replace it at home. But if you are afraid of being wrong, you can bring it to the nearest workshop so that the battery replacement process runs properly.

Use the Right Octane BBM

The fuel used by a car determines the performance of a used or new car engine. So that the performance of the car can run well, make sure the selected fuel is in accordance with the compression ratio between the car’s engine and Research Octane Number (RON). The octane value or RON is very important to be calculated because the higher the octane, the fuel does not burn easily prematurely. Also make sure to always meet the car’s gas tank. The reason is, a dry top tank usually causes crust and harmful dirt if it is carried up to the combustion channel. By fully filling the tank, the top of the tank will always be clean and not dry out.

Pay attention to the engine exhaust system

The engine exhaust system in a car is often the forgotten part. In fact, this part also requires special attention to maintain the performance of the car’s engine is always optimal. Look carefully at the vehicle, if there is smoke in the exhaust, or noise during the trip, there is a possibility the engine exhaust system is disrupted and your used car engine needs to be serviced.

Selection of Lubricating Oil

So that used car engines are always in top condition, be sure to choose the right oil. Oil has a function as a lubricant so that the engine can run smoothly and minimize friction between metals which makes the engine wear out quickly. Not only that, oil also functions as a cooler that keeps engine temperatures stable.

Don’t forget to change oil at least 6 months since the last change or have passed 10,000 km. This is done because during use, oil will experience oxidation and dirty because it binds the deposit and the rest of the combustion, so it needs to be replaced to ensure maximum protection.

Safe Options for Activities Be Safe

In our opinion, in buying a used car, things to consider besides the used car engine and the things above, you also need to pay attention to the place where you buy it. Does your place of buying a used car provide service after purchase, is the service friendly, fast, and complete. Because if one of them doesn’t exist, you can have a hard time.