How to burn faded and frosted car paint in a simple

How to burn faded and frosted car paint in a simple way is very helpful when the car is more than 3 years old. Caring for a car, of course, is not only always related to the engine and components that support the work of your car. You also need to pay attention to the appearance of the car body. The condition of the car body that is not good, of course, affects your comfort in driving. One of the things that greatly affects the appearance of your car is car paint. The condition of car paint that is still new is of course still in a shiny state. But over time, of course, the condition of car paint can fade. There are many things or your treatment that can make the paint condition dull or less shiny, including:

• Bird droppings or insects that stick to the car body
• Pollution in the air
• Car polish that uses abrasive materials
• Salt
• Wash the car with hot water
• And many others.

If you want to make your car body shiny, then the first thing you need to do is to know the type and type of car paint you are using. By knowing this, you can find out which care products are suitable for your car to use. Basically, the type of car paint used is divided into three types, among others.

1. Nitro Celulose (NC)

This type of paint is usually used on cars from the 80s. This type of paint is usually unstable in color and gloss, so you have to polish it often. If your car uses this type of paint, then you need to treat it with a silicone-based polish.

2. Nitro Celulose Modified

This type of NC Modified paint is usually used on 90s cars. Actually, the basic ingredients of car paint are almost the same as the usual NC types, but in NC Modified there is already additional material, which is a hardener material that makes the paint color stronger. For proper care, you can use the same ingredients that are used in regular NC types.

3.Polyurethane (PU)

This type of paint is usually used on cars issued in 2000 and above. One of the advantages of this type of paint is its durability which is higher than the previous paint types. To care for this car paint it would be better if you didn’t use materials with a silicone base, but it is highly recommended to use organic based treatment materials. The most suitable material is carnauba. However, there are also many other product choices that you can use, of course, don’t let the care products you use are silicone-based.