Handbrake Function in Car

With different operations, the foot brake and hand brake are used in different situations. Foot brakes are most often used when the driver is behind the wheel, aka when the car is on the road. Meanwhile, the hand brake is used when the car is parked and left by the driver. However, in certain situations it is important to use the handbrake on the road. Here are some of the handbrake functions in a car:

1. Prevent the car from moving by itself when parking

This is the main function of the hand brake, preventing the car from moving on its own. Especially if the car is parked in an uphill or downhill position, the use of the parking brake is obligatory

2. Prevent the car from moving at a red light

The hand brake can also be used when stopping at a red light for a longer duration preventing the car from moving on its own. That way the right foot can be more relaxed and less sore from holding the brake continuously. For this one the driver still has to be vigilant, don’t relax too much so forget that the light is green.

3. Help when on the road uphill

When stuck in traffic on an uphill road the use of a hand brake is highly recommended. This makes the left foot less sore from holding the brakes and then has to react quickly to step on the gas pedal when the car is about to start again. By using the hand brake, the right foot only focuses on the gas pedal when the car is about to run while the clutch is lifted until the car vibrates the hand brake lever is released.

4. Assist with extreme maneuvers while drifting

The hand brake is one of the most important tools in drifting, especially when performing extreme maneuvers at sharp turns at high speed. This function should not be done by just anyone, only those who are professional drifters or those who have done hard training. Drivers who are novice or who have never trained hard should not try as it can be very dangerous, unless accompanied by a reliable coach.

5. Assist braking when there is a brake failure

The hand brake can be used when the main brake is not good at braking while the car is going fast enough. By pulling the hand brake slowly, the vehicle speed can be reduced before finally stopping. However, the use of the hand brake when there is a blog brake must also be careful because errors in braking can cause the car to move out of control.