Get to know the Fun Off Road Game

Literally, the meaning of off-road is driving a vehicle outside the highway, whether it is dirt, mud, sand, rivers, or rocks that are still in their normal condition. Or in other words, traveling by motorized vehicle outside paved roads. For some people walking down a street with a hole is usually a complaint or a problem in itself. In contrast to offroaders, who are looking for a road with an unfamiliar terrain. Because off-road is more in touch with nature, it’s no wonder that offroad lovers are also nature lovers.

Initially, around the 90s, offroad was not a sport, but more towards adventure. Where the members are people who like to explore nature by using vehicles. Due to the fact that many automotive enthusiasts joined, the speed offroad developed in 1998. Some of them were realized in rally competitions. Until finally the extreme track became the next challenge.

Actually offroad is not limited to 4-wheeled vehicles, but also includes trail motorbikes and bicycles. The point is the same, exploring the road outside the paved road by using a vehicle. Most of the cars used for offroad are 4 × 4. For touring, the 4 × 2 SUV can still be used. If the terrain is leading to a more extreme one, then you have to use a 4 × 4 car. The choice of cars usually uses a lot of jeeps. However, to follow the extreme offroad, many modifications must be made to the vehicle. Actually, almost all types of vehicles with 4 wheels can be modified into offroad vehicles for heavy adventure terrain, provided that you have to spend more.

Some Off Road Terms

  1. Fun Offroad, this type of activity prioritizes natural tourism, with ordinary terrain, and is usually followed by family or company employees, the time needed is also not too long.
  2. Extreme Offroad, this type is more competitive with challenging terrain, it also requires a high level of safety for participants. The time it takes can be a day or even 2 days, because of the tough terrain.
  3. Speed Offroad, this type is a speed competition, according to the specified time.
  4. Adventure Offroad, this type is more of a natural adventure, with a fairly heavy terrain.
  5. Touring Offroad, almost similar to Adventure Offroad, but the terrain is lighter.
  6. Formula-Offroad. Racing like F1, with a sandy circuit. The car is specially modified, from the suspension to the high-speed V8 type engine. But this one is mostly done abroad.