Function and How Spark Plugs Work

The function of the spark plug in a vehicle is to burn a mixture of gasoline with air that has been compressed by the piston movement. Based on how the spark plug works, it can be said that this component is vital in the combustion process of a gasoline or diesel engine. This means that without spark plugs, the combustion process in the engine combustion chamber will never occur and all components related to the motion system will not function as their respective duties.

Another function of spark plugs that must be understood is that of pulling unwanted heat energy from the combustion chamber and then transferring it to the cooling system in the vehicle. Spark plugs or known as bougie in Dutch are different for each engine depending on the combustion accommodation needed to bully the engine to start and then keep moving. Despite its small size, the spark plug consists of quite a lot and complex components. Here are some of these components:

1. Terminal

Located at the tip of the spark plug, connecting the spark plug with the ignition system and made of iron.

2. Ceramic Insulators

This part which is made of ceramic or porcelain lies after the terminal. Serves to support the mechanics of the electrode core in the middle as well as a high voltage electrical insulator flowing in the electrode core.

3. Hex

The hex size determines the socket required for the installation of spark plugs on a vehicle.

4. Insulator Tip

The end of this insulator is the area that experiences combustion because it is made of high temperature resistant material. The resistance can be up to 650 degrees Celsius and the power voltage is up to 60,000 volts.

5. Gaskets

It functions so that no compression from the combustion chamber comes out through the spark plug gaps.

6. Metal Case

Located on the seat on the spark plug which serves to lock the spark plug to the cylinder head. In addition, it can function as a conduction material that has good heat conductivity.

7. Center Electrode

Also called the spark plug head which conducts electrical energy and is connected to the terminal. Made from a combination of copper, iron, nickel and metal.

8. Ground

The tip of the spark plug in direct contact with the body of the vehicle