Easy Ways to Take Care of an Old Car

There are some people who choose to keep using their old vehicles rather than mutually new cars for various reasons. Moreover, these vehicles have their own memories that are difficult to replace. If you are one of them, consider how to care for the following old car so that your favorite car remains durable and tough going.

Change oil and oil filters regularly.

For cars over ten years, ideally change oil every 2,500 km. Do not forget to change the oil filter every time you change engine oil, because the filter plays an important role to prevent the engine from clogging dirt. The price is usually not up to one fifth of the price of oil. Forgetting to change the oil will make your car engine problematic. Don’t forget to do regular maintenance at an authorized workshop. In addition to your car’s maintenance recorded, coming to the official repair shop will help you because it will get a reminder when to change your vehicle’s oil via e-mail or SMS.

Tune up periodically

To anticipate heavy damage to the car engine which will certainly cost more, do regular tune ups at a trusted workshop. Tune-up is the process by which your machine will be thoroughly maintained, from checking, adjusting, repairing, to changing parts if necessary.

Check cables, rings and rubber supports

The increasing age of the car makes supporting components such as cables, rings, and rubber buffer vulnerable to rust, brittle, and even damaged. Make sure the condition of the component is good and in accordance with the standards. If not, it can disrupt the function of the vehicle such as a car that cannot be started, or even trigger a fire because of a short circuit from an open cable.

Watch the legs of the car

Like a human foot, getting older certainly needs to be treated. The legs of the car consist of various important components that support the body while carrying out the function of motion, namely:

•Car tires

• Suspension

• Tie rod,

• Ball joint

• Bushing

• Bearing or laher

Keep the vehicle clean.

Do not let your car dirty for too long because rain, dust and dirt can damage the paint and even trigger porous on the car body.

Avoid heat and sunlight.

The temperature in a hot car will make the interior and paint your car dull faster and even damaged. To prevent this, park your car in a closed or minimal garage with a canopy roof because the use of car gloves alone is less effective at protecting the car. When traveling, try to park in the shade or in the basement. These are the tips that you need to consider about how to care for old cars. Keep in mind that proper old car care can benefit you. An old car will have more value when resold, and there is even pride when your old car looks more attractive than the latest alert car.