Have preliminary booked a tour to Carlow in Ireland. Carlow is a beautyful, busy town, some 40 minutes from the ferry port at Rosslare. They have a good rugby pedigree and facilities of the highest standard. Having been there, I can assure you a very warm welcome.

Train and ferry to Rosslare will cost £80, leaves Port Talbot Parkway at 11am on Friday 16th May, bus other end will get us to Carlow at about 7pm. 3 nights in Carlow hotel, take 9pm ferry home on Monday. Play game on Saturday. (Craig Cox and co, away untli 10th May). Could we go in April?

Cost should work out to about £200, the beauty of doing it this way is; those who cant manage to come on the Friday can join us on the Saturday, have even arranged a lift to pick stragglers up at Ferryport on Saturday morning. And likewise, those who wish to go out a day or two earlier, allowing greater flexibility.

It's a suggestion, I leave the ball in your court guys

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