Car Vehicle Parts Information You Need to Know

Having a private vehicle such as a car is the dream of every family. By owning a car, you can invite your family to go on vacation together, for example, or just take them to their daily activities safely and comfortably. With unpredictable weather and road conditions, cars are indeed the go-to place for daily activities. Amid the inadequate condition of public transportation, private cars can become more efficient.

Are you a car user? And are you already a good car user? A good car user is a user who always takes care of his car, whether it looks, to the condition of each part of the car. Have you known each car part and its function? If not, here’s a review that can help you recognize it.Parts – Car Parts and Their Functions

In general, cars can run because of the combustion between gasoline (fuel) and air which can then move the piston. This process then produces power or power. But there are other things that car owners at least have to know. Here are some components of a car vehicle that you should be familiar with as a car owner.


Direct link between the car and the road. Tires are made of rubber because of their advantages as a good silencer, strong, elastic, flexible, and quiet. Tires can provide vehicle control of the roads in which they are traveling with the role of tire grip / traction.
Good grip / grip makes the vehicle less likely to slip / slip, especially when the road is slippery after the rain. Tire maintenance simply by routine checks of tire pressure, tire grip, and tire polish can increase its performance.


Brake or Break functions to slow down the power quickly when you are driving your car at an excessive speed. This component is important to check regularly, in order to minimize traffic accidents due to brake failure. If the function has started to decrease, then immediately replace the brake pads with new ones.


The wiper serves to clean the main glass of the car from dirt or other things that interfere with the driver’s vision of the road in which he is traveling. You only need to replace the wiper rubber when the wiper is no longer optimal in cleaning the car’s main glass.


There are various types and functions of lights on cars, from providing lighting when the road is dark, giving a signal when the car wants to turn / changing lanes, to helping when parking the car.


This section connects the driver with the vehicle to be able to drive, where in the steering column there are all activators for car components, such as lights and others, and vehicle status, such as the current volume of gasoline, and so on.


The battery is a component that functions as the car’s electrical center, and provides electricity even though the car is switched off. The principle works, the electricity available on the battery will drive the dynamo, so the car engine can work, so the car can move. Battery maintenance is enough to periodically check the battery water, because if the battery water is less / dry, it will damage other car components.


The radiator serves to keep the heat from the car engine generated during the trip stable, so that the car engine works optimally


This component is important to move or increase the speed of the car, because the transmission plays a role in transferring power in the engine speed to the propeller shaft. To maintain its function, you need to take care of these components by periodically changing the transmission oil


A good car suspension will absorb shocks well too, so you still feel comfortable even though the road conditions you are traveling on are damaged.


Alternator or also known as dynamo which functions as a provider of electricity when the car is started.

Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector is a component whose job it is to deliver fuel to the car engine, which is then mixed with air, causing combustion to occur, so that the engine works to generate power to bear the load and the car can run.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

In the form of a microprocessor to record all sensors that run on a car.

Those are some car parts that can be important information to help you check and maintain your car vehicle. Hopefully this information can help drivers and car vehicle owners. Stay alert and always obey traffic rules.