Car Strike on Toll Road? Do This and Don’t Panic

When a car that is being driven suddenly dies on the highway, try not to panic. Pull yourself together and remember the following steps.

Move the car and turn on the hazard lights

With care, immediately pull the car over to the shoulder of the road. This step is intended so that your car does not interfere with other passing cars. Don’t forget to turn on the hazard lights as a sign for other drivers to be careful that a car is pulling over and is in an emergency.

Install the safety triangle

Not only pulling over the vehicle and installing hazard lights, you are also required to install a safety triangle. This safety triangle is intended to provide distance between your car and other car users who want to pass. Put a safety triangle 5 meters or 10 meters before your car.

Check the damage

If you have an understanding of car engines, try to examine what is causing your car to crash. Some of the things that can cause a car engine to suddenly die are batteries, gas stations, or overheating.

Don’t wait in the car

This is intended to reduce the possibility of harm in the event of a backfire. Not only that, if you don’t know the reason your car broke down, it is feared that the cause is sparks and fires. You better wait in front of the car and stand in a safe place.

Contact an official crane

As soon as possible contact official cranes, these official cranes will help tow your car for free to the nearest toll exit. An additional fee will be charged if you want them to tow the car to the repair shop. Make sure that the crane you are using is a legal crane and not a wild crane.

It is no less important to do is to contact the car insurance provider you are using. Some vehicle insurers, such as Chubb’s general insurance for example, provide towing services in the Jakarta area, which can be reached at any time. The insured car will be towed to the partner’s repair shop to be repaired. May be useful!