Car Service Limits Use KM Distance or Time, These are the Conditions

Vehicle maintenance is very important to maintain vehicle comfort and performance. Continuous maintenance will ensure durability of the vehicle. It’s just that, vehicle owners are sometimes confused about the right periodic car service schedule. Some owners hold on to the time, some on the distance of the vehicle or kilometers of the odometer. So what exactly is the right reference for determining when a car must undergo service at an authorized repair shop. car owners, have a different character, how do they use the car every day.

This difference does not apply absolutely, whether the benchmark time or distance is the most ideal for each of these consumers. For periodic maintenance, there are indeed two options in terms of time or distance. But what the car owner should pay attention to is which of the two was achieved first, Looking at the conditions for vehicles in urban areas, it is advisable to use time as the benchmark. Generally, car owners are advised to perform periodic service every 10,000 km or six months. However, in daily use in the capital, the distance will take quite a long time to reach 10,000 km.

Especially if the car is only used as a means of transportation from home to office. Therefore a time benchmark is preferred. Although the distance has not yet been reached, a car that is always used every day and traffic congestion conditions will force the engine to continue to work hard. The impact, although in terms of mileage or kilometers does not increase, all components in the car continue to move, including oil, which has to work extra to lubricate all sectors even though the car is jammed and hot.
Over time, the oil will experience a decrease in quality which makes its function in providing protection also decrease.

Therefore, it is important for car owners to be wise in calculating the time benchmark for periodic servicing. Not everything is directly based on mileage.
Cars that are rarely used, for example only one to two days a week, still need periodic service, at least the engine oil used must be replaced because the quality has decreased.
As per the guidebook, service starts at the first 1,000 km or one month, then proceeds to each multiple of the next 10,000 km and the time interval is between 6 and 12 month.