Car Parts That Must Be Checked Before traveling long distances

Engine oil, transmission, and axle must always be controlled because its function is very important in reducing friction between components. In addition to using public transportation, many people use private cars to travel, even though the distance is quite far and requires extra preparation, both for the physical travelers and the vehicles used. Travel back and forth that takes hours because of the distance traveled and traffic causes fatigue on the driver. Not only that, vehicles also have the potential to suffer damage if not treated and inspected before leaving for their hometown.

1. Engine oil, transmission

Cars for going home must always use oil and in good condition. Engine oil, transmission, and axle must always be controlled because its function is very important in reducing friction between components. Checking to change the car oil before going home is one way to anticipate things that are not desirable because of unexpected travel conditions.

2. Electricity and battery water

It is very important to check the electricity before going home to find out the amount of incoming current, or check whether there is a leakage current that can make the battery unable to store electricity for a long time. Battery water also should not be spared from checking because it will damage other components in the vehicle if experiencing drought.

3. Air filter

The air filter must be cleaned to prevent engine pulling, fuel becoming more wasteful, rough engine noise and engine stalling.

4. Precise wind pressure

The right wind pressure can prevent the tire from bursting suddenly in the middle of the trip, helping braking distances to be better, creating a stable driving at high speed or bend, better tire endurance, and also save fuel.

5. Radiator water

The role of radiator water is vital to the engine’s cooling system. Lack of radiator water will cause the engine to overheat or overheat especially if the vehicle is driven for a long time and long distances during going home. Also read: Dozens of motorbike communities hold road safety sympathetic actions

6. Wiper

Do not underestimate the condition of the wipers in the windshield of your vehicle because this feature is very important to clean the glass from rain water, dirt and dust that sticks during a homecoming trip.

7. Shock absorber

Is a component of the vehicle that serves to absorb shocks that arise when the vehicle passes through bumps or holes. So that your trip back and forth more comfortable, it is better to check the absorber before the trip.

8. Brake fluid and Brake clutch

is the most vital device in a vehicle, so extra supervision is needed on brake performance, including the condition of brake fluid. Dirty and reduced brake fluid can reduce the work function of the brake. In addition, clutch oil must not be ignored because if the clutch oil leaks, the car will not have enough pressure to apply the clutch and shift the transmission gear.

9. Oil filter and AC filter

oil must be replaced periodically because of its important function to filter out impurities in the oil. An AC filter must also be checked so that it can filter out dirty air from outside before it is distributed into the vehicle cabin.

10. Lighting and lighting systems

Check the condition of the car lights whether still suitable for use or not. The main lights and turn signal have a very important function, more than just lighting but as a sign for other motorists. Travelers must check the electrical system, especially the cable connection, cable condition, and the bulb, is it still feasible or needs to be replaced.