Broken Car Glass? This is the cause

Although it is made of tempered glass which is more resistant to various weather and vibrations. Keep in mind that auto glass is also very easy to crack or break and can expand. So for that, it is better if you pay more attention to your car glass. According to the Executive Coordinator of the Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), the possibility of glass cracking and expansion remains. Although the possibility is small, if it is not triggered by a cause, he calls it initial crack. If there were no initial cracks, this condition would not have happened at all. All the glass in the vehicle must have been tempered, but it will still expose to heat, and it’s not good to be exposed to extreme cold.

Not to mention that when he crosses a fairly bumpy road, it will vibrate. If there is an initial crack there could be potential. Do not replace cracked car glass immediately glass cracks due to impact. It is recommended not to rush to replace it because the price of glass is very of the cracked glass repair specialists from Yoong Motor said that cracked car glass can be repaired by using a glass injection technique. A cracked glass with a maximum crack is as big as a shard of coins, it can still be repaired. The term we call glass injection or cracked glass welding.

Technique of injecting cracked windshields

The working mechanism is first cleaning the cracked glass from the remaining dust or grains of sand and soil that are still attached. After that, the part of the glass that is cracked is injected with a special liquid which is claimed to be able to glue back the part of the car that has been cracked. We inject or we call it welding by inserting a special liquid into the glass. This fluid will bind the cracked area. The goal is not to cause long cracksAfter an injection that takes about two hours, the cracks in the glass will shrink to the size of a tiny spot that is faintly visible to the eye.

This cracked glass injection is not only for car glass, it can be used for all types of glass. Includes motorcycle lights. Previously, there were many reports about the sudden breaking of Daihatsu Sigra’s glass. Regarding the news, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) as the Daihatsu Car Brand Holder Agent (APM) in Indonesia, admitted that there was indeed an error in the handling (production) process in that section. Therefore, always pay attention to the windshield, especially on the front, Friends of the Garage. Immediately handle it when there is something suspicious about your favorite car glass.