A Simple But Effective Way To Take Care Of A Car Suspension

One of the components that must be in a vehicle that is able to make the occupants feel comfortable while driving is the car suspension. Without this one component, of course, the vibrations received by the car while driving on the road will immediately be felt in our bodies so that you will not get a sense of comfort in driving.

So because of the importance of this one component, you are also obliged to take care so that later the car suspension is not easily damaged, if it is damaged, surely you will not be the one who will feel the consequences? Caring for car suspension is actually very simple, but not many people know, or already know but forget to apply it so that car suspension damage will occur more often.

For those of you who don’t know how to care for this very simple car suspension, or for those of you who forget, you can take a look at some easy ways to care for car suspensions below.

Do not overload

The first simplest way is never to force your car to be used to carry loads that exceed its maximum capacity. Each type of vehicle has its maximum tonnage or carrying capacity, if you force the car to carry too many loads, then you can be sure that in addition to the easy leakage of the suspension, it will also be very dangerous, the car can roll or turn over because of slipping too much cargo.

Adjust the tire air pressure as needed

Furthermore, in order for your car’s suspension to be more durable, besides paying attention to how heavy the load we are carrying, make sure you also adjust or adjust how high the air pressure is in the tires, remember that one of the functions of the tires is to dampen the vibrations received when the vehicle is driving on the road, before later the damped vibrations are carried forward to be dampened again with a shock absorber. Using air pressure on tires that is not suitable, besides being able to accelerate the process of car suspension damage, it can also cause damage to the car tires themselves, for example if the air pressure is too low it will make the tires eat the outside as well as the inside, if the pressure on the tire is too hard can cause tires to easily bump when hitting holes / bumps on the road and even too high wind pressure can accelerate shockbreaker damage.

Slow down the car when passing the road is not good

A simple way to take care of the car’s suspension so that it is not easily damaged then is to reduce the speed of the car when passing bad roads or other obstacles such as when passing many bumps, passing railroad tracks. By slowing down the car when passing bad roads, then you have made efforts to maintain the car’s suspension so that it lasts.

Park the vehicle on a flat road

Parking the car in a location where the position is uneven, aka tilted, will certainly make the car’s body weight go to the side where the car is tilted, so that one suspension will support a heavier load than the other suspension. This of course will make the suspension life shorter.

Immediately fix the suspension system damage as little as possible

If any of the components included in the car’s suspension system is damaged, replace it as soon as possible so that it won’t spread and damage other components. Well, actually taking care of the car’s suspension is very simple and very easy, right? but in fact in the general public there are still many who forget some of the things above, even many who drive their cars at high speed on damaged roads because their cars are expensive with good suspensions and can perform well damping. May be useful.