9 Most Advanced Future Motorcycles That Will Decorate The World

Along with the times, motorbikes continue to transform increasingly modern. A myriad of technologies have also been prepared, for future motorbikes. A number of world automotive manufacturers have also started to design futuristic concept motorbikes for the future. This was done to answer the growing needs of the world automotive market.Motorcycles for the future are often displayed by automotive manufacturers at a number of international auto shows. In addition, the motorbike has received an original depiction, which is now not only through the visual effects in the film.Then what exactly is the motorbike of the future? Check out the full review below:

1. Honda’s Future Motor, the H4

Honda H4 Concept, a very unique sports motorbike style design This future motorbike comes from a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Honda. Where Honda has a modern motorbike called the Honda H4. In its concept form, the Honda H4 seems to be decorated with liquid gloss in almost all parts. This Honda motorbike looks luxurious, and if it is right it will enter the production line. Of course it will be in great demand by the public.

2. RMK E2, Predicted to Become a Motor in the Future

This second future motorcycle comes from a Finnish company, RMK. Where the company engaged in the electric motorcycle industry is predicted to present a futuristic motorbike named RMK E2. This most advanced motorbike is still really a concept. Even the manufacturer hasn’t made it into a prototype yet. RMK E2 comes with a sport bike design, which is claimed to have a unique drive system. The RMK E2 is equipped with an electric drive system integrated in the rear wheels. The electric motor is housed in the rim, which allows a large battery to be immersed in the center with a modern charging system. The condition of a fully charged battery, this future motorbike is claimed to be able to run up to 200-300 kilometers. The electric-powered motor is also capable of producing 68 hp and 320 Nm of torque. Charging the battery takes 2-3 hours.

3. Bombardier Embrio, the most advanced concept motorbike in the future

One wheel motor that can run very fast, Bobardier Embrio Bombardier Embrio is claimed to be one of the motorbikes of the future that will tempt the wheeled automotive industry in the future. This most advanced concept motorbike had appeared in 2000 ago. Different from motorbikes in general, the Bombardier Embrio only has one wheel. The fuel also uses hydrogen cells with Unicycle technology which can make it run very fast.

4. Suzuki G-Strider Will Answer the Needs of Future Motorcycles

The G-Strider is one of Suzuki’s future motorbikes Suzuki G-Strider is a concept bike for the future, owned by Suzuki. This motorbike was previously introduced at the same time as the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show. Interestingly, this sophisticated motorcycle is armed with a conventional fossil fuel engine, with a 4-stroke engine configuration, Inline-Twin, Liquid-Cooled, with a capacity of 916 cc. It is called the motor of the future, because it has the Intelligent Telematics feature. Its function is to input the current condition of the motor into the Microprocessor Chip connected to the Network. There is also a Self-Diagnosis System, and a rear view mirror with a camera. If it really enters the production line, of course this motorbike will be in great demand, bro!

5.Yamaha Tesseract, Motor With 4 Wheels Are Attractive

Talking about future motorbikes, it would be lacking without the Yamaha Tesseract. This motorcycle has concept status, and was displayed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. This concept motorbike has four wheels with sharp and tapered body angles. While the heart of the race is equipped with Hybrid technology that combines a V-TWIN SOHC engine with a Fuel Injection combustion system and an electric motor.

6.BMW Concept Link Scooter, Future Motorbike From Germany

BMW is one of the manufacturers that is serious enough to work on future motorbikes. Where the German manufacturer, had time to display the most advanced motorcycle concept version, named the BMW Concept Link Scooter. The design is very futuristic, this motorcycle was displayed at the BMW Motorrad at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017. The BMW Concept Link Scooter is equipped with an electric engine that is more environmentally friendly.

7. Zec00, got a savage design

This motorcycle designed by Znug Design Inc. has a design that looks fierce. The concept of the electric drag motor has a radical design. In appearance, the design reminds us of the Batman motorcycle figure in the film The Dark Night. The design company from Tokyo has been making prototypes of the motorbike since the last decade, and it continues to be developed today. Based on the results of the development of the company, it is said that the most advanced motorbike is able to run up to 200 kph. This motor power is not very savage. To accommodate speed, the control system no longer relies on the forks on the front wheels, but rather a swing arm that can move sideways to maneuver. Departing from a number of sources, it is said that this long axis prototype motorbike is very stable and fun to drive, even though its weight reaches 280 kg. As a consequence, the motorbike is set to a very low center of gravity, like a sports car.

8. BMW Vision Next 100, Could Be The Most Sophisticated Motorcycle Everyone’s Dream

The most advanced motor for the future from BMW Vision Next 100, is the result of the development of BMW’s visionary program to face the next century. By design, this most sophisticated motorbike is very modern.The frame structure and suspension, together in a flexible chassis system. There is no fork or swing arm, instead of a flexible device that can adapt to road conditions.Moge one is equipped with a battery and generator with proportions like a typical BMW boxer engine. Interested? One more technology that MOGE has, namely the ability of self balancing.

9. Kawasaki J Concept

The Kawasaki J Concept is also one of the most sophisticated motorbikes that will be present in the future Green gang manufacturers have also prepared motorbikes for the future. This motorbike has a three-wheeled design, and is powered by electricity. The concept looks very modern, not inferior to other concept motorbikes. The J Concept, is said to deliver performance in a superior maneuvering balance. This state-of-the-art motorbike can be driven safely on long-distance circuits and touring like a roadster. The front wheels amount to two, allowing that potential to be presented. The long wheelbase also accommodates its potential to accelerate quickly. The concept of this motorcycle is still in digital form, friend!