7 Effective Tips to Prevent Accidents on the Highway

In modern times, humans cannot be separated from motorized vehicles to support their daily activities. So that the number of motorized vehicles is increasing day by day. The increasing number of motorized vehicles is directly proportional to the increase in the number of road accidents, including in city district. Of the various factors that cause traffic accidents, one of them is caused by human factors. then the Police will provide some effective tips to prevent road accidents as follows:

1. Vehicle Condition

Maintain your vehicle regularly and periodically. Before driving, check engine oil, brakes, tire pressure, lighting systems and other vehicle equipment.

2. Obey the Signs

Traffic signs installed on the highway are not only a guide or make traffic more orderly. The signs also serve to protect vehicle users from the danger of accidents.

3. Keep up the pace

Many drivers ignore safety and then go at very high speeds. Even though it is considered to be chasing their time, in addition to endangering themselves, it also endangers the lives of others around them.
Always use the turn signal at every opportunity when going to take another route or turn. In addition, the rear view mirror must never escape the driver’s view.

4. Seat Belt or Helmet

Many driving experts strongly advise drivers not to ignore the importance of wearing a seat belt or helmet. Belts and helmets are among the tools that can save lives.
Don’t use a seat belt or helmet just because you are afraid of the police because you should care more about your own safety.

5. Maintain a Safe Distance

In order to avoid unwanted things, drivers should always pay attention to a safe distance when driving. The driver must be dexterous enough to react if the vehicle in front of him stops suddenly.

6. Don’t be sleepy

One of the accident factors is because the driver is sleepy while driving. If the driver is tired enough, it is advisable to pull over to take a short nap.

7. Don’t Use Cell Phones

Use of cell phones while driving is neither justified nor prohibited. The reason is that the number of accidents resulting in death attributed to the use of cell phones while driving a vehicle is quite large. This proves that calling while driving a vehicle is a very dangerous thing.
With some powerful tips that we provide above, hopefully they are useful and can reduce traffic accidents on the road. Prioritize safety over speed when driving.